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Johnny Solinger boldy claims: "It's not gonna happen" on incessant rumors regarding SKID ROW reunion with Sebastian Bach





Johnny Solinger boldy claims: “It’s not gonna happen” on rumored SKID ROW reunion with Sebastian Bach  —  SRO recently had the opportunity to conduct an audio interview with Johnny Solinger, vocalist of Skid Row and country music solo artist.  He discussed his experiences being the frontman for Skid Row, his career in country music, the method behind the collection of EP releases, and what the future has to offer him, as well as the band.  He also touches on the fact that he has been with Skid Row for 15+ years and doesn’t ever see that changing. I will give you a little background information and you can listen to the interview posted below to hear what he has to say.

Growing up in Texas, John  Preston “Johnny” Solinger has always been a fan of Hard Rock and Country music.  He formed his first  band, SOLINGER, in his early years and had four independent records with them. This was the beginning of his claim to fame. In 1999, he became the vocalist for the well-known band, Skid Row. Johnny was hired as a replacement for Sabastian Bach by Dave “The Snake” Sabo, Rachel Bolen, and Scotti Hill.  Pretty awesome, huh? His first big experience with Skid Row was opening for KISS on the ” KISS Farewell Tour” in 2000. Johnny’s vocals appear on both of the Skid Row albums, “Thickskin” and “Revolutions Per Minute.”  Although they have enough material to release another full album, they decided to switch it up a bit and release a series of EP’s. So far, two of them have been released, “Rise of the Damnation Army – United World Rebellion: Chapter One” and “United World Rebellion: Chapter Two.”  Johnny will explain the method behind this in the interview below.

Being the front man of Skid Row has definitely filled the Rock and Roll side to his life, but now he has decided to embrace the country boy in him.  He started his country music solo act in 1998.  Many didn’t know how to take this Rocker/Country boy, but to their surprise, he rocked their boots off and has turned out to be quite successful in this industry.  He actually recorded “You Lie” with his band members of Skid Row.  He has released a self titled album and is releasing the EP, “Scrappy Smith” this month.  Make sure to keep an eye out for it.

Now that I have given you a little information on Johnny, take a moment to listen to the interview below and hear what he has to share.  He discusses some very interesting topics and may have answers to questions that have been on your mind.  Keep Rocking!



Subjects discussed….

* Solinger – Johnny’s first band
* Getting the gig with Skid Row
* His first ever US tour was opening for KISS
* Skid Row albums, including full lengths and the recent EP’s
* Rumored Skid Row reunion with Sebastian Bach is a ‘non-issue’ and will ‘not happen’
* Growing up in Texas
* Country music influences
* Playing Download Festival (Donnington)
* The bands relationship, getting along great
* The core of Skid Row is Bolan, Hill & Sabo

JS_SR_Oct_5_2014_3Johnny Solinger says reunion with Sebastian Bach will “not happen”


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