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JOKE MOB … Former Lynch Mob bassist Anthony Esposito comments on re-imagined ‘Wicked Sensation’ release: ‘It’s Bullsh!t’ and ‘A Joke’


Blabbermouth — Original LYNCH MOB bassist Anthony Esposito has slammed the recently released “reimagined” version of the band’s debut album as “a joke.”

Issued in late August via Rat Pak Records, “Wicked Sensation Reimagined” is a reworked and re-recorded version of the original LP, featuring a more soulful, funkified take on LYNCH MOB‘s bluesy hard rock songs.

Esposito, who played on “Wicked Sensation” and is credited as a writer on five of the album’s tracks, was asked in a new interview with the “Focus On Metal” podcast was approached by LYNCH MOB leader George Lynch about taking part in the “reimagined” version of the effort.

He said: “No — hell no. He never called me about the remastered reissue of ‘Wicked’; he never called me about the reimagined version of ‘Wicked’ — he never called me about anything. And it kind of sucks, because supposedly it was an equal share, so if I own 25 percent of the publishing, I should be consulted. And it’s, like — it’s just bullshit.

“As far as the reimagined record goes, first of all, those songs have nothing to do with the [original] ‘Wicked’ songs except for the lyrics, and they may have changed some of them too,” Anthony continued. “But I think if you judge it as a record — not as a reimagined version of a great record; just judge it as a record — forget the words and just listen to the music and the melody, I think it’s a mediocre record. As it stands on its own, I think it’s a mediocre record. And then, if you try to compare it to [the original] ‘Wicked’, I think that’s kind of a joke.”

Esposito also commented on George‘s recent announcement that he was retiring the LYNCH MOB band name. In August, Lynch said that he was ending LYNCH MOB, apparently due to the racial insensitivity of the moniker.

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