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KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE MONEY … Vince Neil’s lawyers claim he refuses to pay invoices totalling $187,364.01



Vince Neil’s lawyers claim he refuses to pay invoices totalling $187,364.01



The Blast  — Vince Neil could soon be without a lawyer to defend him in his assault lawsuit because his current attorney is tired of waiting to be paid the nearly $190k they claim to be owed.

On December 6, Neil’s lawyers at Howard & Howard Attorneys, PLLC filed court docs in the case accusing the rock star of refusing to pay their invoices.

The firm claims despite Neil’s failure to pay them, they have continued to work on the lawsuit. But after warning him to pay up, the firm now says if they can’t drop Neil, they would be hit with an unreasonable financial burden.

The lawyers are requesting the judge allow them to hit Neil with a lien in the amount of $187,364.01, which is the amount they claim they are owed.

A judge has yet to rule.

The lawsuit in question was filed back in 2016 when Vince Neil was sued by a woman named Kelly Guerrero over an alleged assault outside the Aria Hotel in Vegas.

The woman claimed she approached Neil for an autograph but he responded by grabbing her hair and dragging her to the ground. Actor Nic Cage was with Neil at the time and tried to calm down the rock star.


The full article is available at The Blast




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