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KILL ME DEADLY ‘The boys stated they were afraid their mother (Lita Ford) would kill them’ according to Broward County Sheriff’s Report




‘The boys stated they were afraid their mother (Lita Ford) would kill them’ according to Broward County Sheriff’s Report
By: Metal Sludge


Los Angeles — Last week we published an article on the widely publicized divorce between Lita Ford and Jim Gillette. Ford was a member of the legendary all-girl rock band The Runaways while Gillette fronted the 80’s headbanger’s ball freaks known as NITRO!

The content of that article >HERE< was Gillette’s first public comment since their 2010 split. Ford has spoke out publicly on numerous occasions taking her ex-husband to the cleaners alleging everything from; ‘he was hurting me’ to claims he was; ‘brainwashing’ their children.  She even went as far as to say Gillette had kidnapped the kids and it would take a SWAT team to get them back safely.

After his long standing silence Gillette has shocked some with his side of the story. Like that old saying, there are 3-sides to every story and we’re guessing that just might be the case. However it appears Gillette’s side has not been completely unveiled. 

In our initial interview we asked Jim a few basic questions and he answered. But clearly there were some holes to fill. After a full week music fans online have had their chance to jump in on social networks as they all arm chair quarterback for their favorite. One of the more popular comments was; “Where are the documents?”

The always interesting website Metal Sucks chimed in as well. They compared Jim and Lita’s respective career’s to ‘barf’ and continued with calling the former lovers out for their ‘gross sex life’ and an ‘even grosser divorce.’

Well folks, without mincing words, you better grab a barf bag because it’s going past grosser.

Get ready for grossest.



METAL SLUDGE: Jim, the interview we ran last week caused quite a stir. There are a lot of people online making comments. So we have to ask, is there anything you can share that might clarify (in the way of actual documentation) some unanswered questions. People are wondering why is it the court granted you sole legal and physical custody of your sons and why Lita Ford isn’t even allowed to see them?

JIM GILLETTE: I was really hoping that our last interview would stop Lita Ford from continuing her relentless public smear campaign. Because Lita refuses to stop with her odious and defamatory allegations and due to the fact that I’m not a fan of “he said / she said”, it is my sincere hope that the attached Sheriff’s report will remove any and all doubt regarding why my ex-wife is not allowed to see our sons and why I have sole legal and physical custody. This is only a sliver on the mountain of overwhelming and irrefutable evidence I have, regarding this most unfortunate situation.

0_LF_Sheriff's Office Report


MS: It’s truly shocking reading this in print. It’s one thing to hear it, but to see a Sheriff’s report stating the words; “The boys were afraid their mother would kill them” is very hard to comprehend.  On a personal level this is just horrifying. I’m sorry you and your sons went through this.

JG: Thank God we made it. Those were the worst 2 weeks of my life. I lost 40 pounds sitting in a hotel room.

MS: So help me out here. According to the Sheriff’s report, Lita was in fact, granted temporary custody of the kids for 2 weeks while you were to stay away. Correct?

JG: Yes

MS: Ok, if she was given the kids, how did you end up with them today?

JG: The truth prevailed. There’s an old saying that the truth shall set you free. Well in this case, the truth – and a court order – set James and Rocco free. Free from the constant verbal, mental, and physical abuse bestowed upon them by their mother – Lita Ford.

Remember, this divorce lasted nearly 2 years. This included, psychiatric evaluations of all parties. A plethora of doctors, psychiatrists and other professionals that had all of us under a microscope. There was no way Lita or I could have deceived them for that long. In the end, although all involved were doing their best to help form some semblance of a healthy relationship between our sons and their mother, common sense finally prevailed.

In short, the correct and necessary decisions were finally made that had the very best interest of our 2 boys at heart.

litacover.jpgMS: Wow.

JG: You’re damn right. Wow. I wouldn’t wish this process on my worst enemy.

MS: Jim, can we continue, it’s going to get more personal?

JG: All of this has been personal – go ahead.

MS: I know all this is difficult for you.

JG: You have no idea.

MS: Do your sons love their mother?

….Long pause from Gillette…

JG: I hope so. I’m not going to speak for James or Rocco. But as they get older they can decide what to share and what not to share regarding their mother. James turns 18 in May and is chomping at the bit to tell the world what his Mother is really like.

I will say this, she’s never taken any responsibility for her reprehensible actions, and she continues to blame others for the sad situation she’s created for herself. I have tried to refrain from casting blame, or pointing fingers, but all of Lita’s public posts, defamatory remarks, outrageous allegations, and disturbing emails have really disappointed both of our sons. Her actions have made it extremely difficult for them to love her.

In the end, James and Rocco know what they saw and what they lived through. They experienced their Mother do horrible things to them and saw her do even worse things to their Father. This occurred on an almost daily basis towards the end. It happened throughout our marriage but not nearly as frequently or severely. Unfortunately, her violent fits of rage only escalated in the final years.

MS: Wow. As delicately as we can, may we ask, what are these horrible things that you speak of?

JG: Well the things she did and said were bad enough that when the sheriff’s department made me leave my home due to Lita’s fraudulently obtained restraining order, James and Rocco stated to the officers present they thought their Mom would kill them.

LF_JG_Jan_2015_18MS: Heartbreaking. Jim I’m sorry to pry I’m just trying to do my job.

JG: I understand.

MS: Horrible things, dare we ask, can you give us an example?

JG: I’m not comfortable going into detail but I will say that Lita was violent with me and violent with the children. She was extremely violent. She was abusive in every sense of the word. She was physically, mentally, and verbally abusive with our sons – and also with me in front of our sons.

MS: Wow. Sorry to hear this. 

JG: Don’t be, our story is one of survival. We survived and we’ve thrived. Most importantly the boys are happy, healthy, and safe.

MS: Great to hear this. It’s apparent in all the pics you post, that they both appear to be very well taken care of.

JG: Thank you – I do my best.

MS: Ok, we have to ask, have you ever hit Lita Ford?

JG: Absolutely not.

JG_LF_JAN_24_2015_1MS: Jim, if you go to the Harper Collins website and find Lita’s book description (link below) Harper Collins says, “She is also the mother of two sons whose harrowing tale of her catastrophic marriage to a metal rocker makes Ike and Tina Turner sound like life at the country club.” 

JG: I can’t believe the legal department at Harper Collins didn’t call one of my attorney’s before writing that. He would have been more than happy to copy them on her sworn deposition where she admits – I never hit her.

Let me add, I believe it’s extremely disrespectful for Harper Collins and Lita Ford to liken our situation to such a legendary woman that survived what could be described as life threatening abuse.

       >Lita Ford book “Living Like A Runaway” by Harper Collins Publishers

       >”Edgeplay” A Film About ‘The Runaways”

MS: You have to be kidding!

LF_Jan_24_2015_2JG: I’ll get you a copy but if you remember, even in the sheriff’s report it mentions that James and Rocco said their mother was violent and their father was not. So our sons said I wasn’t violent, Lita has sworn under oath that I did not hit her, and the sheriff’s report also stated, that James and Rocco said their father was not violent but their mother in fact was.

Come on man, everybody knows about Lita’s infamous temper. There’s documented reports of her legendary violence dating back to The Runaways. Don’t take my word for it, go watch “Edgeplay.”

Where could there be any confusion? How could anyone not grasp this?

MS: Jim you were silent for many years. How could anyone believe you when you weren’t even talking. Or, for that matter, you were not even defending yourself against these allegations?

JG: I was desperately trying to keep our family’s very personal matters private. I have since realized that in today’s world silence can be mistaken for guilt. It is with this thought in mind and at the urging of James and Rocco, that I’ve decided it was time to defend our family.

I’m hoping  that Lita will stop with all the insane lies and absurd allegations. She needs to get on with her life and let the boys and me get on with ours. Maybe if she’d stop harassing them, things could get better. One thing is certain, what she’s continued doing for years is clearly not working.

MS: What about that song she wrote for them, her song called “Mother”? 

JG: Are you kidding? In what universe does a mother think it’s a good decision to dedicate a song to her children that says their father (whom they love more than anything) should be crucified and left to die?

JG_LF_JAN_24_2015_33MS: Does it really say that?

JG: Google it.

MS: You are correct it does say that. I can’t imagine any parent, divorce or other – that would think this is a positive message to send to their children.  

JG: Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me.

 >Lita Ford lyrics for the song “Mother” on SongLyrics.Com

MS: Jim, we have to ask. In most, if not all custody cases when one parent is awarded custody, there is also some form of support involved. Does Lita contribute, or pay you any child support for you raising the kids?

JG: Lita has not contributed monetarily or otherwise. Not in any form or fashion whatsoever. To be blunt, she has not given me one penny.

MS: Okay.

JG: I gotta say something.

MS: Sure, go ahead.

JG: It’s categorically ridiculous for anyone to believe that I hit her. Where are the hospitals receipts? Where are the pictures of her jaw wired shut, a broken nose, or her arms and legs in casts? She admitted under penalty of perjury – that I never hit her. Let me say that one more time, Lita Ford admitted under penalty of perjury that I (Jim Gillette) never hit her.

And one more thing, why in the world hasn’t anyone demanded to see proof when she’s made these slanderous claims?

MS: Ok, you have a point, but why would Lita continue to accuse you of this?

LF_JG_Jan_2015_13JG: Who the hell knows.

Listen, I’m a trained fighter. Not trying to brag so I’ll just state some facts. I’m a 3 time Super Heavyweight World Champion in Jiu Jitsu. I’ve been a sparring partner for UFC Hall of Fame fighters. What would happen if I hit Lita? Remember I was 275 lbs at the time, and am very proficient in the art of fighting. Real fighting –not sucker punching an untrained couch potato kind of fighting. I train with the very best fighters in the world.

So tell me, if I lost control and got violent with Lita Ford – what’s her best case scenario?

MS: A trip to the ER resulting in a long stay in ICU?

JG: Exactly! I have never hit Lita Ford in my life. If I had – she would have been severely injured or much worse.

MS: Ok, agree. So has there ever been an incident with you two, where Lita was hospitalized or similar?

JG: Hell no! Outside of the hospital visits required for the birth of our sons, the answer is no for the entire duration of our intact marriage.

Harper Collins is listening to the wrong person and not doing any fact checking. I’ll get you a copy of her depo where she admits, that I never hit her. She says I squeezed her real hard. Give me a break! I squeezed her? Harper Collins paints the picture of me being so violent, that it makes Ike and Tina seem like Sunday at a country club. Furthermore, their author (Lita Ford) has sworn under oath for the Broward County Courts that I never hit her.

Sounds like defamation to me.

MS: You have made your point, but without seeing a copy of that depo, clearly you can expect there will be doubt?

JG: I’ll send them to you as soon as we hang up.

I mean think about it, the most violent story Lita told during her sworn testimony refers to bruising from my holding her tight. Anyone who has ever attempted to restrain a completely out of control and aggressive attacker will recognize this as a defensive action on my part. Only, to prevent serious injury to myself and/or the boys.

      >Below is an excerpt from Lita Ford’s sworn testimony during her video taped deposition for the Broward County (Florida) Courts (17th Judicial Circuit) on December 5th 2011


0_LF_Screen shot 2015-01-24 at 12.06.04 PM

0_LF_Ever hit you



MS: This seems crazy. It really does. Jim, I have to ask this. Is Lita on something? Prescription or otherwise? It seems that this type of behavior would lend credence to her being on drugs.

JG: I can’t speak about what she is or isn’t on today. But I believe that Lita was abusing hardcore prescription drugs during our marriage.

   >Below is an excerpt from a court transcript, whereby an officer of the court [Mr. Alman – the guardian representing the children] expresses concern about Lita’s behavior.


0_LF_Screen shot 2015-01-24 at 12.04.41 PM




MS: What kind of drugs, are we talking about here?

JG: Let’s save that, for another time. But I will give you an excerpt from a court transcript that everyone should surely find educational. (See above documents)

MS: Okay, understood. It’s getting heavy again, anything else we can touch on for the readers?

JG: Real quick – thanks to everyone that reached out and entrusted me with their personal experiences. Sometimes life can knock you down but you need to get back up! The only way you can’t win – is if you quit.

If you persevere you’ll always have a chance. Fight the good fight everyone – God bless.  Jim Gillette

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