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L.A. DEVILS … L.A. Guns debut new video single for “The Devil You Know”



L.A. Guns debut new video single for “The Devil You Know” 


Sleazeroxx — L.A. Guns featuring lead vocalist Phil Lewis and guitarist Tracii Guns have released a video for the title track of their upcoming new studio album The Devil You Know, which will be released via Frontiers Music Srl on March 29, 2019. The video premiered earlier today at Metal Sucks.


Track List for The Devil You Know:

01. Rage
02. Stay Away
03. Loaded Bomb
04. The Devil You Know
05. Needle To The Bone
06. Going High
07. Gone Honey
08. Don’t Need To Win
09. Down That Hole
10. Another Season In Hell
Bonus Track (CD and Digital only)
11. Boom

Lewis was recently interviewed by Sleaze Roxx and advised how the new L.A. Guns album was written as he stated: “You know, Tracii would often come up with the riffs. Him and Johnny [Martin] wrote “Rage” together when we were in Australia last year or the year before that. Lyrically, we collaborate with Mitch Davis. I do my vocals with Mitch in New York. Everyone has a hand in lyrics and you know, in every aspect. Like Shane [Fitzgibbon], the drummer, also writes lyrics and does great backing vocals. [He] engineered pretty much 80% of the record so it’s all very much in-house.”


Read more of the above interview at Sleazeroxx




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