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STILL DRUNK? Leatherwolf guitarist Geoff Gayer detained by Peoria Airport officials again




STILL DRUNK? Leatherwolf guitarist Geoff Gayer detained for second time at Peoria Airport


Peoria — No this is not groundhog day, and yes it’s happened again. Rock guitarist Geoff Gayer (Leatherwolf) was allegedly detained for a second time and removed from a Peoria airport terminal and not allowed to board his flight for the second day in a row.

The guitarist was in town for ROCK N’ SKULL where he performed with TRIPLE AXE ATTACK on Friday nite.

As Metal Sludge reported earlier today HERE, Gayer was detained by the Peoria Sheriff department and held for 3 hours yesterday when he had become belligerent with a flight crew. The musician was released to local friends and returned to the Concorde Inn motel in Pekin Illinois where many of the bands and fans had stayed over the weekend.

According to Facebook postings Gayer was involved in a separate ‘fighting’ incident at the motel last night where local authorities were called but no arrest was made.

Now as of 5:oo (CST) today Gayer was once again at General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport where he made it through security and according to witnesses, Gayer allegedly took a stool at the bar inside the airport.

Gayer allegedly and according to witnesses began drinking again.

LW_Nov_17_2_2014_1Geoff Gayer and Icky Jim from The Fifth have a drink today pre-flight at Peoria airport

Roy Cathey ex Cold Sweat and lead vocalist of The Fifth commented on his Facebook that he in fact witnessed Gayer getting “rounded up” by an airport official and that he “never made the plane.” See screen cap below.


Members of a second band (who requested to remain nameless) were also booked on that same flight as well. That flight was reported to leave for Chicago where the various members had to catch connecting flights.

One witness said, “He appears to be still drunk” and claimed it was pathetic to see this happen only a day after a similar event took place.

According to multiple sources, Gayer did not make it on this flight because he was detained by airport officials. This is the second time in 2 days.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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