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LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE! Bobby Blotzer says Eddie Trunk is spreading “lies and misinformation” about Ratt



Bobby Blotzer says Eddie Trunk is spreading “lies and misinformation” about Ratt


Facebook — Bobby Blotzer has posted a long statement on the official Ratt Experience facebook page. Blotzer’s latest blog is about the current state of Ratt from his perspective.

Blotzer speaks openly about both sides and has also taken a shot at radio personality Eddie Trunk. The drummer is alleging the New Jersey based Trunk is spreading “lies and misinformation” about the state of Ratt.

Blotzer an original member of the band has been in legal battles with his former bandmates for the better part of 2 years.

Currently both sides are booking shows but according to recent public information from the courts, it appears that Croucier along with Pearcy and DeMartini seem to have a “Summary Judgement” which Blotzer himself acknowledges.

Blotzer also adds, that it’s not a “Final Judgement” and notes he and his attorney asked for an “Ex parte motion” to move the court date. That original date of Janueary 9th 2017 was pushed back to January 23rd 2017.

In his long rant Blotzer does acknowledge the possibility that if things don’t go his way, he and his attorney will; “head to the 9th circuit court of appeals.”

Blotzer does name his former bandmates by their real names, but refers to Croucier as Crucifier more than once. Even calls him Darth Crucifier. And as much as it appears Blotzer doesn’t get along great with any of the guys, he takes a few swipes at Croucier with the name calling. But ironically near the end of his posting he writes: “Here’s a zinger, there’s a chance they might say Mr. Blotzer and Darth Crucifer are owners. Well it’s certainly a f*cked up situation, folks.”

We have screen captured Blotzer’s full message from his band’s official facebook page below.

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