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Local radio DJ "Chandler" from 96-7 I-Rock in central Illinois invites the band WARRANT onto his show to explain their bailing on charity gig.





Radio DJ “Chandler” from 96.7 I-Rock in Central Illinois invites the band WARRANT onto his show to explain their bailing on local charity gig.


Illinois — From the heartland in America to the world wide web we bring you part 2 of the Warrant cancelled show drama from this past weekend. For those who haven’t heard all the grim and gory details, we invite you to read part 1 on Metal Sludge right HERE. Go read that and come back here and get yourself caught up.

In short, there was a terrible tornado outbreak  that ripped through 7 states including Central Illinois last November 17th 2013. It devastated many homes, businesses and lives were lost in the area. It was pretty bad for sure causing accumulative damages nearing 2 billion dollars. So bad there is a wikipedia page dedicated to it. Locals have worked hard to rebuild and move forward. Some have also put on related benefits and charities over the last 6 months. One local promoter even reached out to set up a rock concert that was to feature headliners Warrant.  The event was scheduled for Saturday May 10th 2014.

The above was the event hosted by WARRANT on Facebook.

Sadly Warrant didn’t play and there appears to be a variation of opinions. More of that is right HERE.

In the wake of this, Local DJ Adam “Cha Cha” Chandler is the mid-day jock at 96.7 I-Rock in Central Illinois and has asked the band to call his show and explain their actions. The local radio personality has posted a blog on facebook and made several additional comments within the posting.

We don’t know much about Chandler other than the following: He practices Ju Jitsu, wants to eat at 12 restaurants, is trying to get his family to Arizona and clearly is NOT a fan of Warrant. At least not this week. You can read more about Cha Cha Chandler on I-Rock’s website right HERE.


Fans have also started a Facebook group called “I’VE BEEN DELETED AND BLOCKED BY WARRANT” which has several dozen members already.

It doesn’t stop there.  A local Illinois TV News affiliate Fox 32 News ( is doing a story on this with promoter Kristopher Lancaster.


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