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Luc Carl: “Sebastian Bach thought I was trying to out rock star him”



CZ_FR_IMG_8856 (1)Last summer my girl and I hopped on my Harley Davidson Road King and cruised up to Chicago to catch Black Sabbath. It was a two day trip with several other knuckle head bikers involved and we’re lucky we made it there at all. At some point during the journey a friend of mine texted me and said “You’re never going to believe this but RATT is playing in the middle of a cornfield outside Chicago this week.” I said “Fuck yeah I believe it!” So of course we had no choice but to check this show out.

It was the night before Sabbath and about an hour and a half away from town. RATT’s manager was able to hook me and my psycho friends up to get into the show and we had an incredible time at what could potentially be the last time I’ll ever see RATT play again.

Months go by and I track down the promoter via email and ask him if I could come host the 2014 event as I’d heard small rumors that it was going to happen (namely that Queensryche had been booked, so there must be a show going on). He agreed, booked me a flight and off I went to this year’s event.

Queensyrche, Sebastian Back, LA GUNS, Warrant Great White, Femme Fatale and Enuff Z Nuff in the middle of a cornfield. What could possibly go wrong?

The show was amazing. Aside from the fact that the sound guys made it difficult for me to do my job;  which is get drunk and tell stupid jokes between the bands… because they were so hell bent on their sound checks that they wouldn’t give me the mic until there was 2 minutes left before the band hit, but I made the best of it. I hung out in the crowd, took tons of pictures and sold out of copies of my book so it was a success either way.

HairNation_LucCarl_BlockEvery band put on a killer show. LA Guns being my favorite. That guitar player they’ve got with them is killer. Not only does he shred but he looks fuckin awesome AND the night before he had a mother daughter pair at the hotel. These are things we look up to in our rock stars. Micheal Grant is certainly that. He would have had an amazing time in the 80’s if he wasn’t a child; yet another fact that I dig about him. We’re both too young to have experienced it the first time but that doesn’t stop us from tearing it a new asshole in 2014.

Speaking of assholes…..  after it was all said and done, I was told a cab would pick me up from the airport at 9:00am. I had breakfast, packed and was downstairs waiting for said cab at 8:30. Not one person came out of the hotel the entire time I was waiting. A cab pulled up at 9:00. I asked him if he was part of the rock show, he said “yes I’ve been running crew since 4:30” I said Ok they told me 9:00 so you must be my guy….. We drove the hour and a half to the airport at which point my phone blew up. Sebastian Bach’s manager chewed my ear off. I checked twitter… Sebastian himself was tweeting nasty shit at me calling me an #ASSHOLE. Apparently this was Sebastian’s cab. And I guess it was also the only cab in Illinois because it seems to me he could just crab another one… like perhaps the one that was mean to pick me up; only, an hour and a half had passed so he would have missed both of them either way.

 BACH_FR_IMG_3419 (1)Sebastian Bach with guitarist Brent Woods rocking at Farm Rock

The moral of the story is, I felt terrible. Sebastian Bach thought I was trying to out rock star him when I’m quite certain, especially in my own mind, that I am no rock star and never will be because that profession has not existed for a couple of decades so I missed my window by being born in the 80s. Not to mention I’m a drummer so I would never be in the same band long enough to make a difference.

So, the next time you go to a rock show make sure you ask the cab driver if he knows who he’s working for.

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