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MEAT & GREET … Paul Stanley tells KISS Fans at Melbourne Australia Q&A: “Gene Simmons Circumcised Me. With His Teeth.” >Video<

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS

Metal Sludge — In a newly uploaded fan filmed video, Paul Stanley talks about being friends with his band-mates in KISS.

Stanley and Simmons exchange general banter with the crowd during what appears to be one of their Q&A meet n’ greet events at their show in Melbourne Australia.

A fan asks: “How long have you guys been friends, and where did you meet?”

Stanley answers: “We’re waiting to become friends… (the crowd laughs)… actually the truth is, we are friends. We get along great, we have fun. We were just talking together about umm, how much fun we’re having on tour. He (pointing at Gene) and I go back to the stone age.”

Simmons adds: “We have known each other, longer than anyone but our parents, Almost 50 years.”

Simmons jokes: “I met Paul when he was 1″ as the crowd giggles.

Stanley then adds: “He circumcised me. With his teeth” as the crowd laughs even louder.

Then drummer Eric Singer gets in on the fun too.

Singer says: “Why do Jewish women like circumcised men?”

Gene then asks Eric the question to which he replies: “Because they can’t resist anything that is 10% off.”

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