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MEDICAL EMERGENCY – KIX Drummer Jimmy Chalfant has Medical Emergency mid show and Carried off Stage after Alleged Heart Attack

Jimmy Chalfant of KIX

Metal Sludge — Unfortunate news coming from the KIX camp after drummer Jimmy Chalfant is alleged to have had a heart attack during the band’s show tonight.

Multiple sources have now confirmed with Metal Sludge that Chalfant was unconscious and carried off stage after suffering what is believed to be another heart attack.

KIX were appearing tonight at the Tally Ho Theatre in Leesburg Virginia on night 1 of their 2 night stint with openers American JetSet.

One source who was involved with the event has informed Metal Sludge directly: “He (Jimmy Chalfant) was carried off and we’re waiting on word from paramedics.”

The source also adds: “It happened right after his drum solo, and the band was about to start “Cold Blood.””

Our source also tells Metal Sludge that the ambulance was there very fast, in roughly 2 minutes.

As of press time, we are being told that Chalfant‘s condition is unknown but he was taken away in an ambulance.

A fan named Jake was at the show and writes on Facebook: “Praying he pulls through. I was there…it was very difficult to watch.”

Readers might recall, Metal Sludge broke the story last October 6th 2021 that Chalfant had a major heart attack a few weeks earlier on September 29th 2021.

At the time, Chalfant was recovering after being hospitalized and going through 2 surgeries related to his condition.

Metal Sludge sends our best to Jimmy, his family and the entire KIX camp.

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