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METAL SLUDGE 10 Questions with Budderside/Adler’s Appetite singer Patrick Stone



METAL SLUDGE 10 Questions with Budderside/Adler’s Appetite singer Patrick Stone


GG_Gerry_Gittelson_1LOS ANGELES, California — Among the buzz bands in California reigns Budderside, led by former Adler’s Appetite singer Patrick Stone.

Budderside has the looks and hooks to make it, coupled with a hearty determination that includes a summer-long tour with the great L.A. Guns.

Groupies, get ready to line up at the tour bus. Budderside is coming to a town near you.

As for Mr. Stone, he was generous enough to grant Metal Sludge some exclusive coverage with our latest version of “10 QUESTIONS.”

So without further ado, here we go.


Budderside frontman Patrick Stone


METAL SLUDGE: 1, What is going on with Budderside? This is your one chance to plug your shit.

PATRICK STONE: Well, it’s a dream coming true, actually. It’s a comeback story. A kid and his buddies come to LA to make it, only to get swallowed whole by addiction and Hollywood’s underground. The miracle of being saved and turning your life around into a deal, signed by Lemmy himself, with Warner Music Group/UDR/Motörhead Music, a debut album full of those stories, 3 singles and videos to match (with more on the way), Motörboat, Wacken Open Air, a European tour and now over 40 cities on a U.S. tour with LA Guns this summer, I’d say…. that’s what’s going on with Budderside.



2, You’re sharing a bus for three months with L.A. Guns. Any unusual habits they should know about?

STONE: Yes, that’s the plan. Ha ha! When I think of a tour bus, a few “out of control” situations come to mind, for sure. I’m sure the Guns have a few books worth, themselves. We’ll be keeping an eye out for “number one”. All things aside, it looks like a respectable group. I don’t think anyone will be slamming heroine like the old days, but 12 to 14 rock n rollers on a bus together will be anything but boring.

3, You were in Adler’s Appetite with Steven Adler and Chip Z’Nuff. Who smoked more pot?

STONE: Chip gets the award for sure! I have a picture of myself wearing a gas mask sleeping. No joke. The bus was hot-boxed constantly. I’m hardcore about my sobriety and didn’t want a contact high. At the same time, I still love the atmosphere it creates and I ain’t a buzz-kill.


4, Give us three memories of Steven Adler doing something ridiculous.

STONE: He looks amazing in Victoria’s Secret, pink and green panties. He thinks my mom has a great ass, after squeezing it upon introduction. There are dozens of check-points, customs officers and “accidental” voyeur situations to boot, but Steven Adler is my hero. A true rock-star with integrity and leadership I will admire, always. The most ridiculous thing of all… he doesn’t miss a beat. Show after show, year after year.

Patrick_Stone_Steven_Adler_Ronnie_Ride_May_2Steven Adler and Patrick Stone at Ronnie’s Ride in Encino California

5, Are strippers still the lifeblood of the local rock community?

STONE: They are a big part of it. I’ve had a tour our two actually sponsored by Hustler/Deja Vu. When the place is packed with Strippers everyone gets extra excited, girls included. There is just something about it. Rock N Roll makes you feel sexy and when the girls in the crowd are feeling hot and dancing, it’s contagious. A lot of musicians owe a huge part of their lives to dancers who helped them out. A lot of them are down to earth and believe in their dreamer boyfriends. I’ve seen it all working at Sam’s.

Sam’s Hof Brau, downtown LA, has been the ultimate sexual, strip club experience for decades, transcending and hosting the trends of popular music as it keeps changing. There really is no other place like it on earth. I am the luckiest man alive to have a friend in the owner and, my faithful brother, Pablo (the house mad-man). It’s family. I would go as far as to say, musicians – hip-hop, gangster, rock, metal, country – you name it, would have a hard time surviving without them. Cheers, to strippers!

rent_me_block_5_dollars_perday_150x250_16, Is it impossible for a new band to ever become as big as Guns N’ Roses?

STONE: It won’t be easy, that’s for sure.

Before Gun’s N Roses it was Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Elvis…. With social media the way it is, it’s hard to tell. When I look at a band that’s “made it”, there is something special about them. Like they have a place in the universe. They have “Something to say”. GN’R had it. We have it, too. You can just feel it. A band really needs to be creative, though. But, It can happen… and it will. Every generation has a formula. Everyone is looking for that one thing we can all identify with together. Guns N’ Roses had all the right ingredients of their time. The sex, the drugs, the talent and their take on life resinated with everyone. Combine that with the sound everyone was dying to hear and….. BOOM! You can’t out-do any legend. I do believe there is a lot we haven’t seen, heard and that hasn’t been done yet. It’s exciting.


7, Has an idiot ever assumed you were Axl Rose?

STONE: Thank you, Gerry, for asking. I’ll take that as a huge compliment. No, no-one really has. I have been told on numerous occasions that I sing the material better than he ever did. I don’t agree, I’m just saying that’s what I’ve been told. Axl is a vocal God in my book and probably my biggest influence. Slapped a hat on backwards at school and got teased a few times. Every 7th and 8th grader wanted to be Axl at the time. I was white with long hair and a singer, so…. I never in a million years would have dreamed I would have my chance to sing with my idols, or be in a band with them for that matter.


8, List three reasons why your band is great.


1. The Story: The depths of our journey, what we’ve been through to get to where we are, together.

2. The Music: The songs and our sound, the lyrics and the feeling you get when experiencing Budderside.

3. The Show: A true connection to the soul. A musical roller coaster. An overdose of pure energy, positive and true.

Buddersside_Patrick_Stone_LA_Guns_May_2017_5Patrick Stone (vocals), The Stoneman (Bass) and Rich Sacco (Drums)

9, Expose a funny, little secret about each of your band members.

STONE: Well, The Stoneman…  He’s a “biker” in every sense of the word. The Harley, the gangs, the drugs, the fist fights. He’s the necessary element to every rock band. All the girls love him because he’s so easy to talk to. I think the funniest thing is, beneath the hard exterior lies a passionate, caring man. He can’t stand to see animals abused or in pain, but at the same time, he’ll break your arm if you raise a hand to a pet or child. He’s the “shirt off his back” to a fault, kind of guy. Oh, and if he doesn’t like you, he’ll send you a picture of his penis. I’m glad he likes me!

Rich Sacco was awarded the “Most Valuable Drummer” at Wacken Open Air 2016. With Iron Maiden headlining and hundreds of drummers taking the throne at the festival, it’s not something to be taken lightly. I wasn’t surprised in the least. I knew he was unique the first time I ever saw him play. Love at first sight, you could say. There isn’t any lack of funny secrets when it comes to Rich. He’s an amazing carpenter with restaurants and homes he’s designed and improved all over Southern California, he provides refuge for those less fortunate and he’s even been a pimp, O.G., to some of the  hottest hookers I’ve ever seen in Los Angeles. Ha ha! Didn’t see that coming did you? All of us have our skeletons in the closet. We all have one focus now. On the road, there is no one better to have at your side, than Rich. Quick witted and full of laughs.

The transition into our new guitar player has been so much fun. We’ve been slutting it up with every “Guitar God” in town. Our fans have loved the difference in the band. The bar has been set and we should be making our announcement very soon. So, that being said, funny secrets about the new guy will definitely come to light this coming tour.


10, Anything you want to add?

STONE: Like I mentioned before, our story is an amazing combination of unbelievable tales. You can’t make this shit up. It is really hard for a rock band to make an impact on the world today. But, we’ve got what it takes. If you want some new, modern, high energy rock ‘n’ roll, we’re the answer. Please come take a step into our world and make a huge difference in our lives by “liking” and “following” us on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. That’s where you’ll find us, all of our music, merch and tour dates. Come see us live in your town this summer. All of our links are at


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