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METAL SLUDGE’s 10 QUESTIONS … Meet Alex Hill from Aussie band iDunno




Meet Alex Hill from Aussie band iDunno


Metal Sludge re-installs “10 Questions” today, so who is on first? iDunno.

If you’re ready to say “third base,” you are as old as we are. But alas, back to iDunno, a up and coming hard-rock band from all the way down under in Australia.

Here we go.


1, How do people get a chance to enjoy your band? Here is your chance to plug your shit.

iDunnö have our first single out called ‘Pissed Off and Married’ available worldwide, and it has put us on the map. Some people love the track and some really, really hate it!  We live in the American Idol era where everybody wants to be liked. Not in this band. Bring on the the haters, we say! Our second single ‘Speck in the Universe’ we are told sort of sounds like Ratt crossed with Megadeth. It is in the can and coming soon.

On July 28, we kick off the “Rock is Not Dead” tour at the Matthew Flinders Hotel, Chadstone, Melbourne, Australia, which the band is super excited about as it is in our home town and it’s a big venue. Right now we are organising geysers jets,  lazer lighting and a themed intro a bit like the Cruë did with ‘In the Beginning’ . We want to put on a show that Kiss or Spinal Tap would be proud of,  and in our own way carry on the torch from our heroes, so to speak.


2, The name iDunno makes us want to know who’s on first? Get it? Or does Abbott and Costello get lost in the translation?

Yes, afraid it does get lost in translation, Gerry. Save that one for over a beer perhaps?

iDunno_April_2017_43, What is a vegimite sandwich?

Australian equivalent of American Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich except a vegimite sandwich is jet black and  tastes extra, extra salty – not sweet at all. The secret is not to spread too much on — it’s that strong.


4, Give us a comment on the following Aussie bands:

1, ACDC- Fantastic! Although if you like AC/DC you should also check out Angel City/The Angels another great band that never quite made it in the US,  although Metal Sludge readers will know one of their songs “Face the Day” which Great White covered.

2, Men at Work- Big back in the day. You may remember the catchy pan flute melody in Down Under? It ended up in court but that’s another story.

3, Rick Springfield- Seems like a cool guy and that huge single “Jessies Girl.”


5, What do Aussie’s think of Donald Trump?

Like the people in the States they have mixed opinions but I guess we are all hoping for a positive outcome. With Donald I see a man that surrounds himself with pretty women, which does tend to make politics more interesting.


6, Which Olivia Newton John in “Grease” did you prefer –  the prissy version of Sandra Dee or the black spandex version at the end?

I like both for different reasons.


7, Tell us something funny or interesting about each guy in your band and what instrument he plays?

Deano our lead guitarist and 80’s metal riff master. He never gave up on the dream with iDunnö and I really respect him for that. He also came up with the name because people kept asking before we even had a name. What’s your bands name? We would reply I don’t know. Ha, you don’t have a name ? iDunnö,  no that’s really the name. Get it?  It’s Australian humour.

Tony our drummer takes his drinking seriously and likes to pamper himself. He has a full bar in his bedroom at home with several keg drinking options on tap.

Lukey is on bass. His enthusiam for all things metal from 1980-1991- even though he wasn’t even born in metals heyday.

Me (Alex) lead vocals dreams about bringing iDunnö on tour the States and Europe one-day.


8, if you had an unlimited expense account and two weeks in Los Angeles, how much fun would you have?

Probably so much fun it would be enough to earn me a ‘no contest, your honor’ divorce.


9, Are the drugs good in Australia?



10, And finally, give us three examples of a great Rock and roll song — and why?

Motley Crue “Shout at the Devil” because it was fresh, heavy and help define an era we all love.

Sex Pistols “God Save the Queen” rebellion! Johnny Rotten wrote such clever lyrics and love Steve Jones guitar.

Any AC/DC song because almost every song they did was killer in my book.


BONUS QUESTION: Have you ever confronted a crocodile?

No but watch out for the female Tasmanian Devil if you ever get to Australia. She can take your heart and wallet at the sametime!


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