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The Good, the Glam & the Ugly: Record reviews and other unnecessary bullshit by t.Odd

OMG! WTF! CIA! NSA! I’m SO fucking famous! Let me school you guys on fame, it’s not about selling a million records (because I never did it), It’s not about selling 500,000 records (because I never did it), it’s all about printing 1000 records, and 15 years later having 998 of them in your garage!

Why you ask? Because of Aaron, that’s why. Let me explain…

One day a few weeks ago I was picking my son up from school and this guy comes up to me and says… “Is your name Todd?” and I say “Uh, yeah.” And then he drops a bomb…. “Are you in The Mistakes?”

Didn’t see that one coming! Last place I’d EVER expect to see a Mistakes fan, because last I heard we had like 3 FANS, and 2 of them are in the band!! He knew the lyrics to “Tomorrow”, so it was the real deal, so now I’m officially FAMOUS!

WTF does this have to do with ModelSaint? Not much, but ModelSaint mastermind Skyla Talon was in The Mistakes at one point, and played on a song called “Famous” so I guess he’s kinda “famous by association” for being in a band with ME!

Record: “Into the dirt”
Label: Demon Doll


1st impression of the CD:

This is a NEW release from Demon Doll, who are doing an amazing job at not only keeping the music of many great overlooked Sunset Strip bands alive, but releasing new bands as well. This record is similar to Skyla Talon’s solo CD’s, as well as his previous band Killingbird. CD Insert has lyrics, but the font is so fucking small I can’t read it! I never liked reading lyrics on albums (remember those?) anyway, as words in print can’t convey the emotion they have in a song. There’s a “bonus video” on it too, which only takes a hackers ambition to access!

The image:

Rainbow issue black spiky hair, eyeliner and tattoos. The insert photo has the bass player looking like Keri Cane (who BTW just became a grandpa, congrats!) and one dude has a goatee, but I think he was in PRONG before, so can’t say anything about that because he may “snap his fingers snap my neck”! I’ve known guitar player “Finn” since the early 90’s when I was in The Zeros and he was in Tommy and the Love Tribe (great band) in Baltimore, and then Queeny Blast Pop in Hollywood. Been a LONG time, good to see that he’s still playing (and alive!)

The Songs:

The overall tone of the record is heavy but melodic songs, with pretty dark lyrics. I assume the title “Into the Dirt” doesn’t refer to his passion for gardening! Then again he had a solo album awhile back called “All the Dead Flowers”, so I could be wrong!


These are my favorites:

“Staring Down a Loaded Barrel” – This is the song that has the video on the CD, pretty heavy, almost an Avenged Sevenfold vibe.

“Top of the World” – Listen closely to the lyrics, not the feel good anthem you might think it is, but still a good song. Cool guitar riff, great melody.

“Never Be Sober” – Jinxx from Black Veil Brides plays on this one, great song and I’m pretty sure Sklya has been doing “market research” on this subject for many years!! Of course I would know nothing about that, being the “saint” that I am!

“The Fallout” – Probably the closest thing to a “ballad” on the record, but still has balls.

“Sin is a Beautiful Thing” – Another great melodic tune with dark lyrics, chorus has a cool punk vibe.

“1,2,3 (We’re Ready to Go)”  – This song is the fucking shit! It’s a rip your head off hit single. And if you listen to the lyrics, it’s fucking deep and dark, but music is melodic as fuck. Definitely my favorite on the record!

This record kicks ass, go buy it now at Demon Doll Records by clicking the banner below! Also if you like this, Skyla has about 273 other records out on every label from EMI to Cleopatra Records, including a dub-step project called BlackBurner, which you can check out at his official Facebook linked below.

Check out “Starin Down A Loaded Barrell” below which is also included as the Bonus Video on “Into The Dirt”

Skyla Talon & ModelSaint @ Facebook

t.Odd @ Twitter

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