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MODERN DAY BARFBOY … Tesla’s Brian Wheat: “I Started Sticking my Fingers Down my Throat to keep myself from Gaining Weight”

Brian Wheat of Tesla – photo courtesy of Facebook

Metal Sludge — It seems it’s book season in the world of rock n’ roll.

The latest to release an autobiography is Tesla bassist Brian Wheat.

Wheat has recently been on a press blitz to push his new book “Son Of A Milkman: My Crazy Life With TESLA” which was released today (Dec. 15th 2020).

In a series of recent interviews, Wheat touches on all subjects, and recently said he didn’t want to release a book about the girls he screwed or the drugs he did.

That sounds like a bit of a slam on those who released a book talking about the drugs they did and the sex they had.

Wheat also talks about growing up as a fat kid and it got to a point where he was acting like a super-model.

Not looking like one, but acting like one by making himself throw-up after eating.

Ironically Wheat is his given surname, possibly a connection?

Wheat is a common ingredient in pasta, cereal, pop-corn and tortillas along with other fattening foods.

Anyway… in a new interview over at KNAC.COM the Tesla bassist shares some insight on life, the band, being over-weight and his new book.

See some excerpts below.

KNAC.COM: When did you make the commitment to write Son of A Milkman? What was the length of time that you spent working on this book?

BRIAN WHEAT: It was a total of about five years in the making. I wanted to write a book that was honest and that laid it all out there for people. It’s not ‘very rock ‘n’ roll’ because it’s not a rock ‘n’ roll book! [laughs] I wasn’t interested in writing a book about all these chicks that I fucked and all the drugs that I used. I wanted people to know that I’m like them, I suffer from everyday stuff like the guy that works at WalMart does. I have health issues, mental health issues, self-esteem issues.

KNAC.COM: The book flows very well, it’s an easy read and a book that you don’t want to put down. I had to last night because I had to eventually get some sleep. The best autobiographies are those where the writer shares stuff that fans didn’t know anything about. You shared about your childhood, health and your challenges with depression and anxiety disorder. Was writing Son of a Milkman therapeutic for you? Did you have to go through rewrites, because perhaps you thought you shared stuff that was too personal?

BRIAN WHEAT: It was therapeutic for me. I think me writing this book was part of my therapy to tell you the truth. I think that by writing this book, putting it out there, it did liberate me to some extent. It was so good to let go of all of these things that I have been holding inside for all of these years. I think there were a couple of things that I changed or took out because it might have been a bit too personal, but I didn’t have to change too much. I started like I said five years ago, I went through a couple different drafts. I started with Pete Makowski in England who used to write for Sounds Magazine. I did a lot of the writing with a close friend who has been with TESLA since the beginning. His name is Kenny Nicholson. When that draft was finished I sent it around to get some opinions and feedback. I wanted it to read just like an interview, like a chronological interview. That’s when I got together with Chris Epstien who is a professional writer and who does these kinds of books. He and I really hit it off and we worked on the draft and the end result is what is now the book. There were things that were rewritten or were changed once I sat down with Chris and we started working on the draft. I might have softened up my stance on something or I might have felt in some instances where I might have needed to make more of a point on something.

KNAC.COM: You spoke candidly about struggling with your self image which has been attributed to struggles with weight that lead to an eating disorder. Guys have these issues, it’s something that isn’t talked about. It’s like it’s a ‘woman’s thing’. There was a statement you made where you wanted to bust out your best Pete Way [UFO] moves, but elected to hang back by the drum riser instead.

BRIAN WHEAT: Yeah, people think that those things are exclusive to ‘supermodels’ or something but it’s not. The fact of the matter is I was a fat kid. I lost all of this weight. If you look at the photos of me during the Mechanical Resonance album I was a fat kid, then I lost a lot of weight. To be able to maintain that…we were out during that time where everyone was looking for that image and MTV was huge. I started sticking my fingers down my throat to keep myself from gaining weight! I did that for 3-4 years! It was during ‘88, ‘89, ‘90 and ‘91 that entire time period. I know what this is like and that’s a slippery fucking slope! I haven’t done that in years. I’m heavier now, of course but that’s due to my autoimmune disease. I have taken Prednisone regularly. It’s hard to be thin and take Prednisone at the same time. It’s a steroid that puts a lot of weight on you, it bloats you among other things. My weight fluxuates. Today I’m more comfortable in my own skin. I want the guy or the girl in Des Moines, Iowa to read this and know that I’m just like them, they can overcome it and there are other people that are experiencing the same problems. This isn’t a gender thing, it happens to all of us. And I wanted to be Pete Way so bad! He was the best and baddest, bass player there ever was! [laughs]

Read the full interview at KNAC.COM



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