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MOTLEY CRUED … Tommy Lee says Nikki Sixx unfollowed him on twitter day after final show



Tommy Lee says Nikki Sixx unfollowed him on twitter day after final show


Rolling Stone — For Tommy Lee, saying goodbye to Mötley Crüe this past New Year’s Eve was easy. “It’s sad it was the last show, but in the same breath it was also a celebration,” the drummer says of the hometown gig, which bookended the pioneering L.A. glam-metal group’s so-called decades of decadence. “It was really cool to finish where we started. We accomplished everything we set out to do.”

Fans will be able to relive the fiery concert when Mötley Crüe: The End – a film combining footage from the group’s final L.A. shows – hits theaters for a one-time screening on June 14th. Footage of the band’s heavy, kinetic performance of “Girls, Girls, Girls,” which kicks off the film, is premiering here. In just a few minutes, it captures the essence of 34 years of Mötley Crüe: pyro, smoke, motorcycle sounds, leather, dancing female backup singers, cutting guitar and crashing, sometimes spinning drums. And it’s just the first song. The rest of the film contains performances of “Shout at the Devil,” “Kickstart My Heart” and “Home Sweet Home,” among other hits, as well as Lee’s ill-fated final roller-coaster drum solo (the apparatus conked out midway through) and emotional interviews with the band members.

The drummer caught up with Rolling Stone in advance of the film’s release for a revealing “exit interview,” where he looked back on the highs and lows of three decades of Mötley Crüe and opened up about the weirdness that surrounded the group’s farewell concert.



How do you feel about the final Mötley Crüe concert now that nearly half a year has passed?

I always said none of this is going to sink in until God knows how long afterward. You’re still coming off of that high of touring for nearly two years. Last month, I started to think, “Wow, shit. This is for real.” But I didn’t have bad feelings about the tour. I looked around and smiled, going, “Fuck, we killed that shit.” I’m just happy to be home and enjoying life.

MOTLEY_CRUE_BAM_COVER_1983Have you been in touch with the other guys?

I haven’t spoken to Vince [Neil] or Nikki [Sixx]. I speak to Mick [Mars] a lot. He’s actually working on some new stuff, and I’m really happy for him.

Let’s talk about the final show. Did you feel anxious before it began?

Yes. Oh, my God. So anxious. But I’m always nervous before any show. I always get tweaked out 10 minutes before the show. I’m a fucking basket case. I’ve told myself, “Dude, the day that you’re not nervous before you go onstage, it’s time to pack it up because that means your passion is gone.”

What was the band’s preshow ritual? Was it different for the final show?

No. We just see each other up onstage and let it rip.

There wasn’t a sense of “togetherness”?

Yeah. It’s kind of strange, man. We’re a fucking weird band.

Even stranger, after the final night, we had a big party backstage on New Year’s Eve, and I never saw the other guys. We never even said “goodbye.” Fucking strange as hell, dude. I mean, what the fuck?

Why would nobody say goodbye to you? 

I really don’t know. I mean, if you’re getting divorced, you still give your ex a hug, or flip her off or something. You either get a kiss or a slap, or … something. Give me a sign! Let me know you’re alive.

So you really haven’t spoken to Nikki or Vince since the show.

I think fucking Nikki unfollowed me on fucking Twitter, like, the next day. I was like, “Wow. OK, dude.”

Was there an issue with Nikki leading up to that?

There’s always been issues.


Nikki Sixx has already tweeted a response to Tommy’s statement in Rolling Stone. We have screen captured it below.

However no one is sure Lee saw this as according to the drummer, his former bandmate (Sixx)  ‘unfollowed’ him on twitter the day after their final show.


Read the full interview with Tommy Lee at Rolling Stone.




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