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MOTLEY FIVE … Industry Rumors are Circulating that John 5 could be New Guitarist in Motley Crue Replacing an Aging Mick Mars for Future shows

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Metal Sludge Father Time as they say is undefeated and that applies to everyone, even rock stars.

With that, in recent weeks there have been a few rumors floating around the industry that Motley Crue have been looking at options going forward for their tours following their massively successful The Stadium Tour.

Motley Crue singer Vince Neil has recently talked about touring in 2023 internationally with plans stretching into 2024 as well as another Las Vegas residency.

Mick Mars – 2012
Image courtesy WikiPedia

What that means is quite simply, the band may at some point have to replace their aging guitarist Mick Mars.

With all due respect, Mick is a legend and a huge piece of what makes up Motley Crue and their sound for over 40 years.

However, Mars is 71 and turns 72 next spring.

Also, it’s no secret that Mars has been battling health challenges for years.

Especially related to his condition known as AS or ankylosing spondylitis.

As we all know, getting older sucks and being able to take on the challenging rigorousness of the road is not easy for any man, much-less someone in their 70’s with a serious health ailment.

Metal Sludge have been tipped off from a few in the industry that John 5 is strongly being considered and just might be the guy you will see playing guitar for Motley Crue at some point in the future.

Ironically a new article just hit Blabbermouth today (Oct. 7th 2022) that notes John 5 may no longer be a member of the Rob Zombie band.

Replacement guitarist Mike Riggs played last night for Zombie at the Aftershock event in Sacramento.

Blabbermouth writes: “According to Rock Feed, John 5 and Rob Zombie “no longer follow each other on social media,” lending credence to the theory that John 5 is no longer a member of Rob‘s band.”

There is no confirmation of this from Motley Crue, John 5 or any other camp, but we’ll be keeping our ear to ground and will keep you informed.

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