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NOT A WOLF IN LEATHER! Leatherwolf singer sets the record straight on the behavior of former guitarist, band infighting ensues



Leatherwolf singer sets the record straight on the behavior of former guitarist, band infighting ensues


Facebook — Michael Olivieri of Leatherwolf has set the record straight and says Gayer is not a wolf in leather. Or something like that.

Olivieri is the vocalist for Southern California metal band Leatherwolf and has spoken out on the recent behavior of Geoff Gayer.

Olivieri along with Gayer appeared at the ROCK N’ SKULL music festival in Pekin Illinois on Friday November 14th. The group was billed as TRIPLE AXE ATTACK. Gayer then followed the group’s appearance up with a weekend of “chaos” as described by Gayer himself that included run-ins with local law enforcement more than once.

Olivieri is now making sure we all know, that Gayer is in-fact, NOT a member of Leatherwolf.

Michael’s message is screen captured below from his official Facebook.


Just to be clear, Metal Sludge reported on the event and did note Gayer as a member of Leatherwolf in our story. See part 1 “DRUNK & DISORDERLY” HERE, part 2 “STILL DRUNK?” HERE and also part 3 “I’M NOT SORRY!” right HERE.

According to Wikipedia Gayer is (was) an original and founding member of Leatherwolf and has spent over 25 years in the project. It also appears Gayer is no longer a full time member of Leatherwolf, but is part of TRIPLE AXE ATTACK which is the spawn of Leatherwolf. TRIPLE AXE ATTACK also features 3/5’s of Leatherwolf. And according to the band’s Wikipedia, TRIPLE AXE ATTACK is the also a ‘nickname’ for Leatherwolf.  (see screen capture below),

We in no way meant to imply that Gayer was part of something he wasn’t, but with the related information many could see how it could be assumed Gayer is from Leatherwolf.

Hopefully Michael and the rest of the Wolfs in Leather can forgive us for the mix up.

Now after this recent posting by Leatherwolf vocalist Michael Olivieri, and ex guitarist Carey Howe who is also part of TRIPLE AXE ATTACK and notably an ex member of Leatherwolf (1981–2004, 2008–2013) seem to be arguing.

The two seem to be going back and fourth on the singer’s Facebook as Howe says: “The truth is that wolf doesn’t sell any tickets at its current lineup.” Olivieri fires back and we await the next chapter from the Wolfs in and out of Leather. (See screen captures below)


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