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Extreme has a complete band meltdown when guitarist Nuno Bettencourt walks off stage at Rocklahoma. >Video




Extreme has a complete band meltdown after Nuno Bettencourt walks off stage at Rocklahoma


Oklahoma — This past weekend was the annual Rocklahoma music festival. This year Extreme was one of the weekend’s featured acts. This was the Boston based groups second appearance at the annual event. The group first appeared at the 2008 festival, however 2014 didn’t end well.

According to fans, and several youtube clips, the band had a meltdown and kind of fell apart mid song during their final tune. It looks as though lead guitarist Nuno Bettencourt has some tuning issues during “Get The Funk Out” and essentially gave up. This happens about a minute into the song (see video below) when Nuno basically walks off stage. The band tries to continue, but eventually the bassist walks off stage (appears to stop playing as well) and soon it’s just drums and Gary Cherone. This ends badly with thousands looking on as the singer is standing mid stage with virtually no band behind him.

80s_ITP_May_Block_2014In a crazy twist, Nuno himself taped an announcement for Rocklahoma last month in which he states:  “Hey I am SO pumped to come play Rocklahoma on May 25th. It’s gonna be amazing. I will bring my hair,. and my guitar!”

We’re wondering, did he bring the wrong guitar? Lol.

At the 1:30 mark of the video below Gary Cherone signals to the band and says; “Half step down” referring to the tuning of the song. About 15 seconds after this happens is when Bettencourt removes his guitar, hands it to a roadie and casually walks off stage. He never returns.

While Cherone attempts to get the audience to sing along to the chorus it becomes clear there is a problem or two on stage. Half the band has left. It’s now nearing the 4th minute on stage doing “Get The Funk Out” and it’s just Cherone doing a audience type sing-a-long and announces; “I don’t know where my band went”. Shortly after this  he turns to the drummer (Kevin Figueiredo) and says something along the lines of; “Kick it Kevin. Do something Kevin.”

One fan who attended posted online under the name “Stash” and says the following:

Nuno walks off stage at Rocklahoma.
At the end of More Than Words he put his acoustic down
And kicked it which mad loud feedback.
Then a few songs later he handed his guitar to his tech mid song
and walked off and never returned. Set over.

See all the videos below.

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