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PAY UP … Why C.C. DeVille of Poison may be responsible for the modern day Rock Star Meet N’ Greet



Why C.C. DeVille of Poison may be responsible for the modern day Rock Star Meet N’ Greet



Metal Sludge — Have you ever wanted to meet a rock star?

Have you ever paid to meet a rock star?

Are you angered and upset and think it’s unfair for an entertainer to charge the fans.

Be it a simple photo, hello, hand shake or other.


Well, maybe then you should blame C.C. DeVille of Poison.

Digging into our Metal Sludge archives we came across some old content.

We posted nearly 2 decades ago, about a rock star who would charge fans to meet him.

That rock star, was C.C. DeVille.

The guitarist would walk around after the show, with a big posterboard style sign that listed prices, and he’d offer his services.

A photo, autograph or a handshake.

For a price.

This may sound corny or fake, but it’s not.

Fans were elated to pay the Hair Bleachin’ Guitar Screechin’ badboy their hard earned money.

And we found one.

Steve “Roadhead” Ponchaud or as many others know him, Ponch.

Ponch posted on Facebook about this and we just had to reach out and get the details.

An avid music fan, admitted Kiss Army member and he’s also a regionally known rock Dj in Upper Michigan.

Ponch was also a Sludgeaholic way back in the early days of Metal Sludge, so you know he’s legit.

We asked Ponch a few quick questions about his meet n’ greet with DeVille and here are his answers.


CC_Deville_Meet_N_Greet_3What year was this?

Pomch: I believe the date was June 22nd 2001.

Where did you meet (see Poison) him?

Ponch: It was a Poison concert in Green Bay Wisconsin. I believe the venue was Oneida Casino.

Was it post show or before?

Ponch: He came outside into the parking lot with the sandwich board and was rather vocal about how much for each item.

He was serious and turned people away who asked and did not pay. And NO one got anything without paying.

Did you pay him? How much and for what?

Ponch: I paid for the photo and I don’t remember for sure how much the other things cost. I think the handshake was $2.

Also, for those super old school Sludgeaholics, you will remember the late C.C. Banana.

Banana adapted the DeVille schtick (accent included, but a natural one as he’s a New Yorker too, like DeVille) and ran with it.

So much so, he ran right into DeVille one night.

And there is video to prove it.

So… to those who think paying to meet a rock star is lame, you might wanna blame C.C. DeVille.

However, we think the DeVille way of doing it, was epic and amazing.

Kudos to you C.C. DeVille.

And RIP C.C. Banana.




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