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RAT Vs: DONKEY … Bobby Blotzer calls Don Dokken “crazy old man, donkey & a gigolo”



Bobby Blotzer calls Don Dokken “crazy old man, donkey and a gigolo”


Eddie Trunk — In a brand new call-in interview to the Eddie Trunk radio show, Bobby Blotzer has opened up on all things related to his version of Ratt and much more.

One of the interview’s highlights, if you wanna call it that, was Blotzer talking about Don Dokken.

Blotzer was addressing recent comments Dokken made about the drummer.

Dokken was a guest on Trunk’s show earlier this month and had a few things to say about Blotzer and his Ratt lineup.

Most notably, Dokken talks with Trunk about as he called it, the “Bobby Blotzer meltdown”.

Blotzer was reported to have left the stage after 3 songs leaving his (Ratt) band drummerless in front of thousands of fans.

The drummer admits it in fact took place, but goes into a long explanation as to why it did happen.

So Blotzer’s retort on Trunk’s show took a few swipes at Dokken calling him a ‘donkey’ (more than once) a ‘crazy old man’ and even a ‘gigolo’.

In short, Blotzer says stay outta my business to Dokken.

Blotzer then alleges that he’s seen (Don) Dokken throw mic stands (at crew members) and throw fits on many occasions in the past.

Blotzer also adds; “He (Don Dokken) doesn’t even really know what happened that night. He wasn’t there.”

The lone original member in his version of Ratt, boldly defends his right to go tour with the band. And at some point about 9 minutes into the interview Blotzer even boastfully states; “They (fans) don’t really care if Joe Smith is on bass.”

Trunk argues and points out using Guns N’ Roses as an example.

Trunk says regarding Axl Rose playing as the sole original member over the years with others in the band adding; “You brought back Slash, you brought back Duff and that (Guns N’ Roses) went from half-arenas to multiple nights in stadiums.”

Blotzer also opens up about the recent month when multiple members left the band.

Blotzer says; “It’s also been, un…believable in the last, 2-3 weeks here, you know with some surprises that, truly were, surprises.”

“I had to scramble, with a 2-day notice, to either…get somebody, which I didn’t know who it was gonna be. I was pretty freaked out ya know. Out of the blue, this guy (Nicholas “Blaze” Baum) is just quitting, without telling me.” continued Blotzer about recent band member’s departures.

Later in the interview Blotzer refers to the members leaving (surprises) and describes it as follows; “The knives that were just thrown into my back, dude. I, I, I, I’m just never gonna get over. They’re never gonna stop bleeding. And, it’s really, it’s been really hard this last 2-3 weeks.” 

Blotzer rounds out more of a lengthy explanation about members leaving by stating; “I felt betrayed, extremely.”

In addition Blotzer talks candidly about his thoughts on the on-going lawsuits. He speaks out regarding his 50% partner in WBS Inc. (Warren DeMartini) and also talks about former (founding and orginal) members Stephen Pearcy and Juan Croucier as well.

Blotzer says with confidence; “Ratt’s gonna keep going, and nothing’s stopping it.”

The full interview is on youtube and can be heard below.

The youtube profile (MetalFavs) lists the description as follows: Blotzer addresses latest news of his version of Ratt, band members leaving, Blotzer leaving the stage after 3 songs, lawsuits, issues with Warren DeMartini, Don Dokken, recent photo of 4 other members of Ratt.




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