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Bobby Blotzer: “It’s a complex problem by which he (Stephen Pearcy) has refused to play shows with demands that simply are completely unrealistic.”


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Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer: “It’s a complex problem by which he (Stephen Pearcy) has refused to play shows with demands that simply are completely unrealistic.”


Facebook —  Bobby Blotzer has spoke out again in regards to recent rumblings in the Ratt camp surrounding Stephen Pearcy and whether he’s on board and in the band or not. Blotzer has posted on his official Facebook and has commented extensively through out the posting exchanging messages with fans.

Blotzer seems to get to the nuts of the rumors with his comment here; “Did we fire him ? No. we’ve been there for him. Did he quit? In my opinion by refusing to play, it appears that way. we don’t know.”  He continues with the following in another posting: “We, carry him (Pearcy) and Juan (Croucier) , not vis versa . In the wings if he again screws himself and us, is a fabulous frontman T.B.A.”

His full post and replies to fans are all screen captured below.

All kinds of fans have jumped in and the replies have surpassed 200 comments in a few hours time. Including some notable rock names as well. Former Skid Row drummer Rob Affuso and guitarist Mark Knight (Ex. Bang Tango) have weighed in with their 2 cents.

Metal Sludge sticks by our story that something isn’t adding up over in Rattland, like that old saying goes, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. In truth we’d love nothing more than to be 100% wrong. We’re fans of Ratt. But fans of the band as it should be with Stephen Pearcy on vocals and all of the other key players included as well. It’s great to see Juan Croucier back in recent years.

But….let’s get back to Blotzer who seems to dismiss related rumors that this comes down to money. Yet acknowledges it’s a “complex problem” and says there are “demands that simply are completely unrealistic” – one would assume these could somehow be financially based?

Blotzer in his own words mentions he and Warren DeMartini each have a 50% vote.  Well, maybe our calculator is off, but last we checked, 50 + 50 = 100. Which doesn’t leave a lot of room for any other votes. Then Blotzer corrects himself and states, “While working as a band its, 25%….”

Dare we assume some more? Shame on us for doing so, but we’re guessing that his quarter of the vote along with what could be assumed again a quarter from DeMartini, Pearcy and the last quarter from Juan Croucier. Then as quickly as the 25% post goes up and the mentions of ‘equality’ from Blotzer he’s quick to point out that he and DeMartini (per his claims) in fact carry Pearcy and Croucier, and it’s not the other way around.

Blotzer also names DeMartini in a post and admits he’s not a fan of airing the bands dirty laundry on the social networks.



With all this out in the open, Stephen Pearcy has now stepped forward and sent us his statement which can be found HERE.

We’ll do our best to keep Ratt fans updated as best as we can.


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