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RATT REUNION … Stephen Pearcy schedules “Whisky-A-Go-Go” stream event (TBA), rumors are that Bobby Blotzer will play drums >UPDATED<

Stephen Pearcy of Ratt and Bobby Blotzer / Ethan Miller c/o Getty Images

UPDATED: Fri. Feb. 26th 2021

Ratt main rodent Stephen Pearcy took to his Instagram on Thursday night sharing our Metal Sludge article headline about Bobby Blotzer appearing at the singer’s taping of a stream event.

A secondary post from Pearcy also shows a blond haired man with his back to the singer standing next to a drum kit.

Pearcy commented “Rehearsal tonight had swing” and shared the hashtag #drummerswhoplayyamaha while giving the camera a smirk and motioning towards the blond man.

Note: Bobby Blotzer has a long standing relationship as a Yamaha endorsed player since 1987.

Looks like da Blotz was at rehearsal last night.

Stay tuned…

Stephen Pearcy shares a photo with his followers on his instagram.
Stephen Pearcy shares Metal Sludge’s headline story about Bobby Blotzer performing with the singer at his “Whisky-A-Go-Go” special stream event!

Metal Sludge — Hot off our iPhone… we have incoming… are you ready for it?

There just might be a partial reuniting of the classic Ratt lineup within the next 48 hours.

Inside word is, that Stephen Pearcy will be filming a streaming show at the world-famous “Whisky-A-Go-Go” on the famed Sunset Strip.

The event will be shot over February 26th and February 27th 2021 and released via a streaming platform at a later to be determined date.

The rumor is… that former Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer just may be sitting in on the kit for a few tunes with his former band-mate.

Metal Sludge has multiple sources putting da Blotz back behind the kit!

Vote in our Twitter poll below whether Ratt will fully reunite.

Stay tuned for more…



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