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READY, SET, JET – Baltimore rockers American JetSet return as they drop new music with “LOVE KILLS”

American JetSet – 2023

LOS ANGELES – Baltimore buzz band American Jetset continues to make a name for itself.

Just months after being featured in Metal Sludge for the first time in 2022, American Jetset has squeezed in some high-profile concert gigs plus recorded a brand new collection of slightly darker material, a new CD and stream called “Love Kills” that comes out on Valentines Day.

Metal Sludge caught up with American Jetset once again.

American JetSet have a lot going on in 2023” – Ian Kaine MacGregor / Singer


American JetSet rocking in Leesburg Virginia

Metal Sludge: Tell us about the new EP?

Ian Kaine MacGregor: Our last record was full of melodic arena rock but LOVE KILLS has a much darker and heavier vibe. We wanted to start separating our band from the glut of party-rock bands and showcase the evolution of our sound and songwriting. We’re influenced by everything from Alice Cooper to AFI and wanted that to come through. We call it sleaze rock goth pop.

Metal Sludge: Since it came out on Valentines Day, which new song is the best to have sex to and which one is best to play after a breakup?

Ian Kaine MacGregor: Given that they’re all about bondage, revenge, and murder I think you can take your pick either way. If someone really wants to bang it out to American Jetset the songs are all just over 3 minutes long and more than enough time for most Sludge readers.

Metal Sludge: And speaking of breakups, please offer Sludge readers some dating advice from a musician that has never sold a million records. This will be a first.

Ian Kaine MacGregor: First impressions are important and you’ll want to show that you are a good listener. You’ll also want to find out if she’s comfortable with restraints and hot wax.

Desi Rexx of D’Molls helps Ian do his hair pre-show at the Whisky-A-Go-Go
Kickin’ Valentina sandwich with Ian Kaine MacGregor, no relation to Conor, that we know of?

Metal Sludge: You’ve played with some big names. Tell us an interesting observation about some:

Steven Adler: Didn’t get a chance to meet him. They kicked us out of the dressing rooms while they brought him into the venue. Some real rockstar shit.

Stephen Pearcy: Phenomenal show. There were celebrities and strippers everywhere and a threesome was happening at our merch table. Pretty sure we traveled back in time to 1984.

D’Molls: My personal favorite show of 2022. My 17 year old self would have been doing roundhouse kicks. The band were insanely supportive of us on social media and even nicer in person.

Tom Keifer: A fucking superstar. Our dressing room was under the stage and the only thing you could hear was him stomping around in his giant leather boots. Sounded like he was going to come through the freaking ceiling at any moment.

Jack Russell: Super sweet guy and killer band. Our show with them in LA was crucial in building our SoCal fanbase.

Faster Pussycat: Badasses. The last time we played with them, Bang Tango was also on tour. Taime, Joe, and I are all sober. Simultaneously the most and least RNR show of all time.

Living Colour: They had more gear and took up more space on stage than I have ever seen. They were so worried about us disrupting their equipment that their sound guy used tape to outline 2 sq foot areas for us to perform in.

L.A. Guns: Well…I still love their first record.

American JetSet breaks out the ChipZ, Dip, ChainZ & WhipZ
Ian of American JetSet explains to Johnny Monaco that having a full head of hair is so last year

Metal Sludge: How many more Whisky concerts for American Jetset to break even for the fiscal year?

Ian Kaine MacGregor: What is “breaking even”?

Metal Sludge: What are the favorite things you like to do with your phone?

Ian Kaine MacGregor: Photography…social media marketing…and managing my OnlyFans subscriptions.

Metal Sludge: If a youngster is a great musician but his parents would prefer he go to college, what should he do? Explain both sides.

Ian Kaine MacGregor: I think he should quit school to play music and focus on his career as a bar back. I think his parents should chalk it up to a loss and put their time into their other children.

Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson both have Netflix bios going right now. Which one would fall in love with you, assuming you had fame and money?

The dead one. Obviously.

Metal Sludge: What’s next for American Jetset? Are you betting your life that Rock makes a comeback?

Ian Kaine MacGregor: We’ve got a lot going on in 2023. A new record coming out on Valentines Day and we’re touring Europe for the first time. We’ll be going to France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Belgium. Can’t wait to meet our fans on that side of the world. Rock seems to be making its way back on its own. I’m just here to do what I love doing for as long as I possibly can.

Metal Sludge: What’s the best guitar chord to start a Rock song with?

Ian Kaine MacGregor: E minor but you want to make sure there’s enough tension in your g string.

Metal Sludge: What will you do when they take away the microphone and guitar?

Ian Kaine MacGregor: I hear conspiracy theorists make good money on YouTube. Probably my best option.

Metal Sludge: Anything to add?

Ian Kaine MacGregor: 2023 is gonna be a killer year for RNR and for American Jetset. We’re thankful to be back on the road and grateful that fans old and new are showing up ready to rock. See ya Monsters soon!

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