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Jake E Lee and his Red Dragon Cartel cancel again. This week it's 'Rock The Falls' in Idaho and their Seattle show is postponed.



Red Dragon Cartel cancel ‘Rock The Falls’ festival date in Idaho and postpone Seattle date.


Cancelville USA — The latest from Red Dragon Cancel, errr Cartel is, wait for it…..surprise. They have cancelled again.

The breaking news just hitting the high wire is that Red Dragon Cartel is having ‘Visa immigration technicalities’ and are unable to make it. Therefore the band will have to cancel their “Rock The Falls” festival date in Idaho this weekend June 21st.

The event has been scheduled for months and features headliners Queensryche, Kix, Vixen and Lynam among others.

The following message below is currently being circulated online from Rock The Falls official Facebook and Website.


Along with this latest cancellation, their show tomorrow in Seattle Washington  has been postponed as well. A screen capture from the “El Corazon” nite club’s official facebook page is noted below.


Jake E Lee and Red Dragon Cartel just played the legendary Download Festival in England but the band had cancelled some of it’s UK tour back on May 19th due to ‘urgent business matters’ for Jake back in the states. This according to the band in a press release. The band also had issue  with their Wolverhampton show on June 6th which was cancelled as fans lined up for the gig at sound check only to find a note on the front door.

The band also cancelled several other US dates in recent months including shows in Minnesota, New Jersey and Delaware.

Stay tuned for more news and likely more cancellations from Red Dragon Cartel.



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