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Rikki Rockett responds "I'm sure it's all good" about recent Bret Michaels comments regarding Poison line-up for 2015 tour




Rikki Rockett responds to recent Bret Michaels comments about Poison tour 2015


Twitter —  Poison drummer Rikki Rockett tweeted “I’m sure it’s all good” in regards to a recent Bret Michaels comment that left some fans of the Glam Slam Kings of Noize scratching their heads.

Last week in an interview with a Florida based news outlet Michaels was quoted as saying: “In 2015, we — as POISON — I’m thinking — not officially going on record, but rumoring — I’m going to say probably after Memorial Day weekend. I’m just thinking of reuniting all of the original — ’cause we can’t go out with all of the original guys. It’s gotta be C.C. [DeVille, guitar], Bobby [Dall, bass] and myself and I think we’re going to have to throw a mega POISON summer bash together next year.”

The band is just over a year away from their 30th Anniversary of the release of their 1986 debut “Look What The Cat Dragged In.”

Insiders have noted 2016 as a big year for the band to commemorate that 3 decade mark. Regardless of the date – the Poison fans have been clamoring for the group to return to the stage with the full original line up. Sadly for those fans, they haven’t seen much in the way of a Poison tour since the band supported Def Leppard in 2012. The band has only played a handful of shows in recent years.

Michaels has been busy weekly with his Bret Michaels Band tour dates and appearances while Poison has sit relatively idle.



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