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Rikki Rockett seems fed up that Poison might not be touring this summer and asks, "Guess what member is making it a problem? (Again!)"




Rikki Rockett not too happy about another summer tour season passing by and it not looking good for Poison hitting the road!


Twitter —  Rikki Rockett tweeted tonight that it isn’t looking good for a Poison tour this summer. (Again!)

The life long Poison member and 1 of only 2 members to play every show for the Glam Slam Kings of Noise doesn’t seem too happy about this either.  He also asked his followers, “Guess what member is making it a problem?”


Well there are only 3 guesses. Bobby Dall, Bret Michaels or CC DeVille.

We’re gonna go out on a limb and assume, that a certain member, who already plays 50-60 or upwards of 100 shows a year with a certain solo band just might be the problem?

But that’s just a wild guess. That or Cecil and Bob are a pain in the ass and we don’t know it yet.

Maybe Poison should get a new singer? Van Halen did. Motley Crue, Ratt and LA Guns followed that lead as well but eventually turned around and went back to their original voice. Skid Row have hung onto their replacement for Sebastian Bach and Great White has moved on without Jack Russell. And the most recent, and hugely publicized split was Geoff Tate being ousted from Queensryche. All 3 singers have essentially went solo playing their previous bands hit songs. Sadly Warrant and Quiet Riot were left with no other option at this stage of their careers. Journey has carried on without their classic singer and so has Foreigner with both working more than ever and successfully so.

Will it ever come to this with Poison?

Stay tuned….

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