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ROCK AND ROBE ALL NIGHT … KISS bassist Gene Simmons sports his Bathrobe for Sound Check and Fan Interactive Q&A at Hartford show

Gene Simmons of KISS wears bathrobe at sound check for Hartford show on May 14th 2022

Metal Sludge — In a brand new video uploaded to Youtube the band Kiss knock out sound check with some VIP fans in attendance.

Sounds like a good time right?

Well the fans got their sound check and some general exchanges from the stage with both Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

Gene Simmons just before putting on his bass for a KISS sound check, explains to the fans why he’s wearing a bath robe.

Not to forget Tommy Thayer on lead guitar and Eric Singer back behind the drum kit.

It seems this is normal as Kiss do these regularly, however the fans at the XFINITY Theatre Hartford Connecticut got a bonus.

Simmons walked out in his bathrobe.

That’s right, the band’s co-founder and bassist explained to fans he was getting his hair colored as to why he was dressed in bath attire.

The band and fans had fun with The Demon sporting his post shower garb, including a few ball busting comments from Stanley.

The band asked fans what they wanted to hear, and all kinds of Kiss song titles were thrown out.

The band first did “Plaster Caster” with Simmons on vocals, followed by “Hotter Than Hell” with Stanley singing lead.

Next up was “Going Blind” and then “Got To Choose.”

The rest of the guys were all casual in jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes, except Simmons.

Word is the band charges $270 per person for the live electric sound check and Q&A, but that fee does not include your actual concert ticket.

You must also buy the concert ticket, and the add-ons range from this package on up to more inclusive packages that even option for the fan to buy a bass or guitar from the group.

The video which runs close to 40 minutes long is courtesy of Mike Brunn who has a show called The Rock Experience with Mike Brunn.



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