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Rock Star Car For Sale! Former W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes is selling his 1987 Pontiac Firebird and it’s even autographed!






Craigslist — I am selling this car for Mr. Chris Holmes. I have a signed pink slip from the State of Arizona. This car has never been registered in California and is doubtful that it will pass smog/emissions in its current state. There is no warranty, and the car will be sold as is and will not be pieced out by me.

As you can see by the photographs, this car is in need of restoration. It does start and can be driven, although I would not attempt to drive it any distance in its current condition. I do not know the size of the engine, but was told it is a small block Chevy. You would have to examine it further to verify. The frame is straight, no collisions are in record. The body has some dents and is in dire need of paint. The interior is in need of complete restoration. The car starts by turning on an electric fuel pump, then a switch starts the engine. It does sound pretty badass once it starts! There is a trunk key, but I do not believe there is a lock. The hood has to be propped up.

Obviously this car needs a bumper to bumper face lift. I am selling it for Chris, as he is now touring with a group in Europe. This is his asking price. Chris kept this car running piecemeal for many years. He said the engine is high-performance, but the potential buyer will have to examine it.

I have seen cars in worse condition turn out to be real showpieces. With some TLC, this car would finish out real nice. Chris even signed the hood for posterity!

Please email me or call if you want to take a look. I will try to answer your questions as best as I can, but I am not an expert on cars.

Thank you!



For those wanting to own this LOVE MACHINE we invite you to the actual Craigslist posting found HERE!

Check out the sprawl of photos included.

CH_WASP_Car_2_March_2014A coat of paint and a few minor details and it could look like THIS!
CH_WASP_Car_1_March_2014Chris cruisin’ for bitches on the streets of Hollywood
CH_WASP_Car_3_March_2014Floor mats look a bit jacked up
CH_WASP_Car_5_March_2014Sharpie autographed hood, dated March 4th 2014.
CH_WASP_Car_4_March_2014Oddly the engine area looks cleaner than the interior.

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