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Sebastian Bach to fan; "You wanna f??king throw sh?t on the stage? I'll kick your f??king face in" >Video





Sebastian Bach to fan; “You wanna fucking throw shit on the stage? I’ll kick your fucking face in.”


Canada — Sebastian Bach has recently finished up a run of European and North American tour dates. The former Skid Row frontman is out in support of his latest release “Give ‘Em Hell.”

Bach says he spent a full year making the new record for the Italian based record label Frontiers. It’s his 3rd studio effort as a solo artist and 2nd for Frontiers.

In addition to the new record, the 46 year old singer has seemingly kept his sobriety in check and has talked extensively about it in recent interviews. The former East Coast resident has called California home since his divorce back in early 2011.

The singer has 3 children with ex wife Maria and in a 2011 Artisan News interview said;  “The hurricane (Irene) took everything my ex wife didn’t.” Bach has continued to rant about his divorce but recently admitted he would marry his current model girl friend Minnie Gupta if she wanted him too. The couple broke up in October 2012 but shortly after were back together. The singer tweeted, “Breaking up is hard to do.”

But don’t think he’s a complete softy! Not all of the fire in Mr. Bach has left the building. He still can pack a punch live and if wine won’t take the edge off, a little venting will. There is proof of that when Bach recently displayed a classic Axl Rose style tantrum by stopping a show in Nanaimo British Columbia Canada at the “Port Theater.”

The singer confronted a fan mid-song for throwing things on the stage.

Bach told the fan point blank, “You wanna fucking throw shit in the stage? I’ll kick your fucking face in.”

Security was summoned to the stage and the fan was ejected. (see video below)

Bach’s current touring line-up consists of Brent Woods (Wildside, Vince Neil Band) lead guitar, Rob De Luca (Spread Eagle) bass and drummer Bobby Jarzombek who has been on the drum throne with Bach since 2005.



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