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Sebastian Bach was not happy with M3 crowd stopped the show and scolded fans for what appears to be their lack of enthusiasm. >Video



Sebastian Bach not happy with M3 crowd, stops the show and scolds crowd for not being louder.


Merriweather Pavilion  — This past weekend the annual M3 Rock Festival took place and the fans came out to see a list of 80s greats. The event was headlined by Kix and Extreme on Friday and Tesla, Night Ranger and Sebastian Bach  on Saturday. The set by former Skid Row singer Bach was definitely a highlight for many, but the frontman was not sold on the crowd’s reaction to some of his former band’s classic songs.

The 6’4″ rock God stood mid stage and demanded his band; “Stop the show! Stop the fucking show! Stop the show!”

The band had only got seconds into “Big Guns” a song from the Skid Row 1989 debut when the singer insisted they stop the tune. Bach then went on a mini tirade (see video below) asking the crowd, “M3 are you fucking alive out there?”

Bach then tells the crowd, “This is the FIRST song, on the FIRST side, of the FIRST Skid Row record. This is what you want right?”

The drummer is then instructed by the mighty mouthed one; “Gimme the fucking back beat!”

The band all seem on edge and begin the song and it sounds as if though guitarists and bassist come in with the drummer. Then suddenly stop. Bach then barks out “Start the whole fucking song again.”

“I wanna hear you. Ready?” Bach then starts his chant, scream and fist pump to which he waits for the audience reply again.

Thankfully for the band it wasn’t a full train wreck but it does appear that Bach was less than excited about the crowd reaction. Some fans who attended made some random comments (see below) in the world famous Metal Sludge forums about the singer’s mood during his set.  It seems that some are growing tired of his common practice with the,  “Stop the show” bit. Oddly, this is practiced quite frequently by one of his long time friends and touring buddies Axl Rose.





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