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SOAP ON A ROW … Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan and his Dirty Rocker Soap Company help battle COVID-19


Metal Sludge — Are you a filthy dirty rocker who needs to clean up your act?

Or maybe just in need of a quality cleaning to keep the COVID 19 out of your life.

Well then nevermind the coffee or hot sauce products that many rockers have released, Rachel Bolan is offering to help get you clean.

That’s correct, the Skid Row co-founder, song-writer and bassist Rachel Bolan is doing his part with his company Dirty Rocker Soap Company.

Bolan says in short that while touring he was sick of using cheap motel soaps and harsh perfumes, so decided to do something about it.

With that said, Bolan launched Dirty Rocker Soap Company earlier in 2020.

The DRSC has an array of scents including; Lavenilla, Lemongrass Green, Tea Tree Coal, Mother Earth, Pure Unscented, Lavenderwood, Violet Mint, Blue Mint and Citrus Basilico.

A new September update on their official site reads as follows:

“Hi Everyone,

Hopefully you are safe and healthy at home. We are working hard to produce our small batch soap and get it to you as timely as possible.

Thank you for your support!


Rachel and Dirty Rocker Soap Company”

Dirty Rocker Soap Company specializes in all natural artisan soap made in small batches. Created & formulated by Rachel Bolan of the legendary rock band SKID ROW.

“Staying in hotels as much as I do tends to put me at the mercy of hotel room soap. Harsh perfumes and dry skin became the norm. 

So I decided to create soaps of my own to take with me when I travel. I hope you enjoy them.”

Rachel Bolan

Proudly made in Nashville, TN.


Dirty Rocker Soap Company @ WebSiteInstagramFacebook



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