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SOMEBODY GET RID OF ME STALKER! David Lee Roth needs help



Van Halen famed frontman David Lee Roth has a serious stalker and needs your help


Ultimate Classic Rock — David Lee Roth says a stalker – “a very real one” – has called his phone number 75 times in the past four months.

In a blog post on his official website, the Van Halen star asks for help identifying this person, who the singer says is somehow keeping his or her number off of Roth’s phone log and phone bills. “Somebody out there knows their tech,” he writes. “None of the phone numbers show up on my phone bill. Whoever is doing this knows that it’s a felony and he’s hiding.” (Roth doesn’t reveal what, if anything, the stalker is saying during the phone calls.)

Roth reveals that he’s had several previous experience with stalkers, dating back to when Van Halen burst onto the scene with their multi-platinum-selling debut album in the late ’70s. He claims that one time a biker group would call him up to 40 times a day, and even began following him around while he was recording in a Florida studio. “As it was explained to me by the professionals, these calls are designed to make you terrified, nervous, afraid, upset and ruin your day,” he notes in the post.

Theorizing that “it’s pretty rare that just one person does this much obsessive conduct and nobody else knows about it,” Roth openly asks for help from both the tech-savvy members of his audience and anybody who might know the stalker personally.

“Whoever is doing this works somewhere, they eat lunch somewhere, they sleep somewhere and probably with someone,” Roth writes. “You better be careful. I’m a stranger and look what they did to me. You’re family, you’re familiar. He’ll turn on you with the exact same teeth and the exact same rationalizations they may have used to come after me.”

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