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Steve Perry makes yet another appearance, this time live on stage in D.C. and sings Journey classics for stunned fans.




Steve Perry makes another appearance, this time live on stage in D.C. and sings some Journey classics.


YouTube — The last few days have yielded some firsts for Steve Perry and the legions of Journey fans around the globe.

The singer had not sung in public in nearly 2 decades. And the  fans have wondered, will he ever return to the stage. Well as long as it has been, the wait is over, as Steve Perry has shown up in full force. Not for a song, or two, or just one nite. It seems this has been planned, and clearly wasn’t just a 1-off jam with friends.

These surprise appearances with the band EELS have created a huge buzz. Now that the dry spell is over, more than ever fans are screaming for a reunion. Is it just hope? And what do the other Journey members have to say?

The initial clips posted to youtube only days ago already have surpassed 1.5 million views. Fans are elated to see and hear Perry’s golden voice after all these years.  And in truth, it sounds pretty damn good. Fans of one of America’s greatest classic rock acts have been clamoring for this reunion for years.

Simply put. They want the groups classic voice (Steve Perry) back.

Imagine what could be if the band reunited for a world tour? That wheel in the sky seems like it would have almost no limits.

Current Journey singer Arnel Pineda has already chimed in. Ultimate Classic Rock has a few of the bands current frontmans thoughts noted in a recent article.   “He (Steve Perry) should come back. His voice is still there. Missed that voice. It’s his righteous place.”

Oddly, Neal Schon recently posted the following message on his official Facebook that read: “People who are in past….Will forever stay in the past. Were moving forward into the future.”



Steve Perry live with the band EELS in Washington D.C. over the weekend


Steve Perry live with the band EELS in St. Paul Minnesota last week.


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