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STILL A BITCH … Sebastian Bach stops Detroit show to belittle fan for taking pictures (Must See Video)



Sebastian Bach stops Detroit show to belittle fan for taking photos (Must see video)


DETROIT, Michigan — There are not many words to describe this other than, wow.

In yet another on stage incident Sebastian Bach stops the show to berate and belittle a fan for taking pictures.

Bach is famous for this and seems to lose his cool just before the 7 minute mark in the video linked below.

The singer was on tour and performing at “Diesel” in Detroit over the weekend and in the middle “Threat To Society” he suddenly yells out to his band “Stop the show. Stop, stop, stop.”

Bach then lays into the fan by saying; “Okay, let’s get this over with right now. I know you just wanna take your pictures, that’s all you give a fuck about. So let’s stop the show. And get your camera out, and we’re gonna do some pictures.”

It appears as though the fan is suddenly shocked and embarassed shaking their head “No.”

But Bach fires back, “No, do it right now.”

Bach then stands over the fan imploring them to take pictures of him.

He stands in front of the fan, poses like a rock star and even drops his mic and grabs his guitarist to pose with him.

After 30 seconds of this Bach spouts off, “Let’s do a selfie” and bends down to take more pictures with the fan.

He then sarcastically says, “Let’s do a bunch of pictures. This is a great picture. Alright, this is so fucking cool.”

The crowd begins to jeer and boo the incident.

After several seconds it sounds as though some of the fans become less thrilled with the way Bach is treating the fan. Louder boos ensue and the crowd seems restless. Bach quickly goes for the saving line of “You guys wanna rock or no?” The crowd cheers and the band is commanded to start the song again.

Can you say dick? We can.

Anyone who defends this behavior is JUST as big of an asshole as he is.




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