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Sweden Rock announce 2022 lineup with Guns N’ Roses, Volbeat, Accept, Night Ranger, Michael Monroe & Saga


Metal Sludge Sweden Rock have announced their official headliners and dates for 2022 Festival.

The 4-day event will happen June 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th 2022 in Solvesborg Sweden.

The festival’s headliner is Guns N’ Roses along with Volbeat and In Flames.

Other featured rock acts from around the globe include; Accept (Germany), Night Ranger (U.S.A.), Michael Monroe ex-Hanoi Rocks (Finland), D-A-D (Denmark), Honeymoon Suite (Canada), The Wildhearts (U.K.) and Kingdom Come (U.S.A.).

The festival have announced 76 bands and will be adding or announcing 13 more for a total of 89 acts over 4 days.

The tickets will go on sale May 6th 2021.

For More Information Visit Sweden Rock



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