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The Rainbow Bar & Grill celebrates 42nd anniversary April 13 with a parking lot party featuring Great White, BulletBoys & Tracii Guns Ex. L.A. Guns



The Rainbow Bar & Grill celebrated its 42nd anniversary featuring live performances by Great White, BulletBoys & Tracii Guns
By Gerry Gittelson
Metal Sludge Editor at Large


WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – The Rainbow Bar & Grill celebrated its 42nd anniversary on Sunday, April 13 with a massive party in the parking lot, and of course Metal Sludge was there to scrape up all the grimy details.

What a party it was with live performances by Great White, BulletBoys, Tracii Guns formerly of L.A. Guns, Bitch, Philm, Heretic and Eyes Set to Kill.

Rainbow_Party_April_18_17_2014Freaks are out
Rainbow_Party_April_15_8_2014Thuy ta and ww3 guitar Toni Aleman
Rainbow_Party_April_15_5_2014Rainbow Tony Vescio w girls


This was the Great White version with Terry Ilous singing, not Jack Russell, but most of the other key guys remain, including guitarist Mark Kendall and drummer Audie Desbrow. The band hit the stage close to 11 p.m. or so, and there were a lot of fans really enjoying the proceedings.

Rainbow_Party_April_17_15_2014Party all the time!
Rainbow_Party_April_18_20_2014Lexa Vonn of The Plastics with friends

BulletBoys played just before, and leader Marq Torien was his usual great self, finishing with a torrid performance of “Smoth Up” that had the whole place at total attention.’

Tracii Guns, Betsy Bitch & Marq Torien


There were lots of old-time celebs in place, and with all the drinking and partying going on, things were getting pretty loose by the end of the evening.

Long-time band aid Betsy Browning was back in town, and she hosted a big after-party at a double hotel suite just down the road, and a bunch of us partied until the wee hours of morning.

Oni Logan, Alan Krigger and Tomi Rae were all there. We were hurting the next day because all these shenanigans stretched into Monday, but it was worth it!

Rainbow_Party_April_15_4_2014After party til the dawn
Rainbow_Party_April_15_2_2014Oni Logan & Betsy Browning
Rainbow_Party_April_15_3_2014Tommi Rae

For the X-rated party pics keep scrolling down!

Rainbow_Party_April_18_18_2014Unknown cleavage
Rainbow_Party_April_15_6_2014Mandy Lion sandwich
Rainbow_Party_April_15_7_2014Mandy inspects the sandwich
Rainbow_Party_April_15_13_2014Porn stars Niki Katt and Adina Slotsky
Rainbow_Party_April_16_13_2014Niki and Adina and two other friends
Rainbow_Party_April_17_13_2014Niki and Adina = bad girls!

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