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Tracii Guns & L.A. Guns battle it out back to back nites on July 24th & 25th at the "Whisky-A-Go-Go" in Hollywood.



Tracii Guns & L.A. Guns battle it out back to back nites on July 24th & 25th at the “Whisky-A-Go-Go”


The Sunset Strip — Wow, only in Hollywood does this happen. On back to back nites in the heat of the Sunset Strip summer sun Tracii Guns (Ex. L.A. Guns guitarist) will play a show July 24th and his former band, L.A. Guns will play the same venue the very next nite July 25th 2014.

The band L.A. Guns and its founding father Tracii Guns have been together, apart, back together, ripped and tore apart again more times than Ratt. If you can imagine that. But regardless, the guys seem to still get along and even jammed together in recent months with Las Vegas‘ hottest local talent the Sin City Sinners.

The world famous “Whisky-A-Go-Go” celebrated it’s 50th anniversary earlier this  year in January and have been on a winning streak putting on killer shows all year so far. It looks to be the same right into summer with a bunch of great dates headed your way.

L.A. Guns features the classic members Phil Lewis (vocals) and Steve Riley (drums) along with Scotti Griffin who has been thumpin’ the bass for the group since 2007. The lead guitarist position was vacated by Stacey Blades in late 2012 after a near decade long stand in the group but that didn’t slow the Los Angeles gunners down. Michael Grant has stepped in and not only filled the lead guitar shoes, but excelled so much so that fans have accepted him with great welcome. Grant seems to not only be a great player, but a looker for the ladies with his super duper six pack of abs and lest us not forget his fashion. He has it all and only thing he forgot was his passport last year for the Monsters of Rock Cruise. But that’s all water under the ship as the boys all made it on this year and rocked the boat (see video below). The guys are rocking and just kicked a foot into the ass of the annual M3 Music Festival this past weekend.

Tracii Guns looks to have an all-star line up of special guests for this summer show as well with Brian Tichy  and Michael Devin.

See ya on the strip.

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