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Viper Room 21st Anniversary All-Star jam feat: Billy Idol, Steve Stevens, Steve Vai and even includes a Sebastian Bach tantrum >Video




Viper Room 21st Anniversary All-Star jam feat: Billy Idol, Steve Stevens, Steve Vai and included a Sebastian Bach tantrum


Joe Dolan PR — It happens here in Hollywood and like no other venue in town, the all-star birthday jams bring out plenty of surprises. The Viper is officially 21 and we were happy to share the evening with all the talent … including Steve Vai … what? Jeff Scott Soto …say what? Sebastian Bach having a meltdown …. well, you expected that when you saw his name here, but the night was amazing!! Thank you to Ashly, Mitch and everyone else at the Viper, here’s to more amazing memories!

VR_21_Anniversary_Aug_26_2014_1Sebastian Bach rock n’ rolled and even had a tantrum mid song

The video is 90 minutes but we’ve noted a few highlights of the event below for you to enjoy.

* Taylor Hood sings “Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love” @ 0 minute mark

* Grace McKagan (Duff McKagan’s daughter) sings “Rebel Girl” @ 5 minute mark

* Carla Harvey of Butcher Babies sings “I Love Rock N’ Roll” @ 8 minute mark
* Carla Harvey of Butcher Babies sings “Ace of Spades” @ 12 minute mark

* Steve Vai plays & sings “You Really Got Me” at 39 minute mark
* Steve Vai guitar solo & jam with Steve Stevens at 42 minute mark

* Sebastian Bach @ 47 minute mark complaining his in-ear monitors don’t work
* Sebastian Bach sings “Sweet Child O’ Mine” @ 48 minute mark
* Sebastian Bach @ 50 minute mark freaks out and stops the song over his monitor
* Sebastian Bach sings “Sweet Child O’ Mine” again @ 51 minute mark
* Sebastian Bach sings “Highway To Hell” @ 57 minute mark

* Billy Idol sings “Dancing With Myself” @ 1 Hour 10 minute mark
* Billy Idol sings “Ready Steady Go” @ 1 Hour 16 minute mark
* Billy Idol sings “Rebel Yell” @ 1 Hour 20 minute mark

Video footage of the entire 90-minute concert — courtesy of Joe Dolan of


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