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"Imagine a Jump" is what happens when you combine Van Halen's "Jump" with John Lennon's "Imagine" click and share!



What happens when you combine “Jump” by Van Halen with John Lennon’s “Imagine”


Mashup artist Mighty Mike mashed-up two rock classics that, on the surface, have nothing in common. Yet, most rock fans say they like it!

John Lennon’s instrumental version of “Imagine” is combined with David Lee Roth’s a cappella vocals from Van Halen’s acoustic recording of “Jump,” and the result is a surprisingly seamless glorious fusion of musical polar opposites, fittingly titled “Imagine a Jump.”

Lennon’s quiet, thoughtful ivories slide from the speakers, quickly followed by Roth’s drawn-out crow call. Roth’s party-inspirational vocals shockingly serve as a perfect counterpart to Lennon’s famous piano lines.

We featured this mashup awhile ago, but lots of Van Halen fans have yet to hear it. Since people keep discovering it and it’s still popular, we thought we’d feature it again.

What do you think of this effort? Share your thoughts with other fans.

We found the above on Van Halen News Desk, the article is from 2010 but sounds amazing as ever.We urge you to share this.
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