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Who Is The Most Homeless Looking Rock Star? You voted and the results are in




Who Is The Most Homeless Looking Rock Star?

Poll Results — Rock Stars that look homeless is an interesting subject. We recently ran a poll and asked you the fans to vote for ‘Who Is The Most Homeless Looking Rock Star’ and the results are in.

The #1 voted Rock Star was Chris Holmes. The former W.A.S.P. guitarist pulled in over 1,000 votes. In second place was Zakk Wylde with over 500 votes and third place goes to one-time Motley Crue frontman John Corabi.

Ace Frehley the former KISS guitarist got least amount of votes and also has the least amount of facial hair. It appears that heavy beards seem to be the running theme between all these guys.


John Corabi = Jesus meets Steven TylerTop_10_Grossest_July_2_Zakk_2014_3Zakk Wylde doing his best Grizzly Adams impersonation
phil varone
Phil Anselmo = George The Animal Steel

Ace Frehley = a random corner wino


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