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Wildside to release feature length documentary on band history from Sunset Strip through current day





Wildside to release feature length documentary


Hollywood — Straight from the Sunset Strip comes the story of one of Hollywood’s best, but almost forgotten bands. Wildside may have faded, but the band’s 1992 Capitol Records debut “Under the influence” has remained a fan fave of hairband fans for years.

Wildside._Aug_2014_7Wildside caught the very tail end of what was once a promising breeding ground for gold and platinum selling rock bands. The famed street sent the likes of Van Halen, Motley Crue and Guns N’ Roses to multi platinum super star status.  But Wildside fell far short of their goals for sure.

The safe bet is to once again blame grunge for their demise. And not just the demise of Wildside, but a host of other glam rock goliaths who once roamed the earth.

Best known for their Mtv headbanger’s ball hit “Hang On Lucy” the band was soon doing all they could just to hang onto their Capitol Records recording contract. That deal eventually found them recording at Eddie Van Halen’s famed 5150 studios with the legendary Andy Johns (Led Zepplin, Van Halen, Rolling Stones).

Even all those great connections and relationships could not battle the hairband onslaught that followed. By the end of that same year, the band was an endangered species.

Like a dinosaur, soon to be extinct.

If it wasn’t for Nirvana, who knows where Slik Toxik, Sleeze Beez or Slave Raider might have ended up?

But wait, Wildside is not totally dead. Not yet.

Even in 2014 the band’s fan praised debut is highly sought after. A quick search on Amazon finds a new copy with a current bid of over $ 350.00 while used copies have over a dozen offers on them.


Drew Hanna the bands vocalist is behind this project and recently posted on his facebook the  following:

“21 yrs in the making. Wildiside feature length film. Concert ftg, interviews, behind the scenes, and more. But here’s a taste with an exclusive from Marc Simon June of 1991.”

Here is a quote taken from the end of trailer seen below.

“About a year and half from now, I think we’ll still be on our first record. It’ll be selling between – maybe 4 and 5 million at that point. We’ll be touring the world, doing arenas, stadiums opening up for huge bands. Headlining arenas.”
Marc Simon – bassist Wildside

2014 has seen similar group’s make a come back. Heaven’s Edge just appeared at M3 Rock Festival and Babylon A.D. has just announced their addition to the Monsters of Rock Cruise (2015).

Stay tuned for more on Wildside the documentary and who knows, maybe we’ll see Wildside on stage again in 2015?

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