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YES OR NO? Top 15 Glam Metal Bands You’ve Never Heard Of



Top 15 Glam Metal Bands You’ve Never Heard Of 


Ranter In Shades — There are always obscure bands within any genre of music that put out albums with great deals of potential. These are some of my favorite glam metal bands that came out between 1989 and 1992 that put out some pretty awesome albums that ended up being overlooked thanks to bad timing, lack of promotion and the music scene changing.


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RanterInShades is a YouTube ranter/vlogger specializing in debunking illogical and irrational arguments made about music by elitist snobs.

Cathouse_Block_SwagBIO: I was introduced to the art of ranting in 2010 by MuesProductions, and I consider him to be my main influence as far as ranting goes. I had a lot I wanted to share my opinions on but wanted to wait until I started college to begin my ranting “career”. I was also ticked off by people known as “metal elitists”. What a metal elitist is is a person who complains about someone else’s music taste and  insult them either because they like a certain band(s) or don’t listen to/haven’t heard of a certain other band(s). When asked to defend their opinions about a band/genre, they will go into little to no depth and pass their opinion off as a fact. I’ve had problems with these guys’ logic since about 2009-2010, but I noticed not a lot of people making videos calling elitists out (aside from people like CoverKillerNation, a metalhead YouTuber I have a great deal of respect for), so I decided I would make a mission to stand up when no one else would and say “FUCK YOU!!” to these arrogant, illogical, opinionated morons.





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