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YOUNG BLOOD … Modern Day 80’s Hair Metal Vixen ANA MOLL releases “Desperate Eyes” video

Ana Moll – photo courtesy Facebook

Metal Sludge – Just when you think the final nail might have been nailed in the 80’s Hair Metal coffin, out comes a new and young talent that refuses to let it die.

Such is the case with Ana Moll and her latest video for the single “Desperate Eyes.”

The video was filmed at SIR Studios in Hollywood California and the clip’s description reads as follows:

Ana Moll

Ana Moll is an upcoming songstress playing on the heavy metal and melodic rock sounds of the 1980s and Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. Presenting to you a single from the upcoming EP, wrapped up in influences ranging all across the board, from Motley Crue to Samantha Fox. Heavily inspired by retro female frontrunners like Janet Gardner, Lorraine Lewis, and Lita Ford, Ana puts her own spin on the classic rockstar sound of days gone by with her girlish voice and distinctive songwriting. Ana honed her skills in writing at an early age and paired with her love of early MTV and Headbangers Ball videos, resulted in a fusion of serious rock-pop goodness. From a small Jersey town just like Bon Jovi she presents to listeners a fruit punch of electric guitars and soaring vocals. You’ll want to make sure not to miss the debut EP in the new year.”

Moll has been building a loyal following via social media in recent years and is a self-proclaimed “80’s Hair Metal-ette” who boasts she is,”Singing, Sinning and Livin’ on a Prayer.”

Moll is not afraid to strut her stuff either, as she shares countless photos and videos showing off her latest modeling pics and singing A cappella into the camera too.

Over the last 20 years the 80’s have experienced a few mini resurgences with select groups making an honest effort to follow their plan for world domination.

However nobody has yet to claim the gold or platinum plaques that adorned the walls of the 80’s biggest rock star’s mansion walls during the hey-day of MTV.

Scandinavia has given fans of glam rock lots to cheer about with groups like Crash Diet, Reckless Love, Crazy Lixx, Hardcore Superstar and more recently The Cruel Intentions featuring Lizzy DeVine (ex-Vains of Jenna) but no band has really broke through big.

There are others as well including Diemonds featuring Priya Panda from Canada, Wig Wam from Norway and L.A. Cobra from South Africa but it seems most of these groups burn out and fade away within a few years.

Ana Moll has youth on her side, and Metal Sludge is cheering for her all the way.

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