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YOUTH GONE GIRLFRIEND … Dave Sabo on Sebastian Bach: “It’s like talking about an ex-girlfriend that you dated 20 years ago. Why bother?”



Dave Sabo on Sebastian Bach questions: “It’s like talking about an ex-girlfriend that you dated 20 years ago. Why bother?”


OVERDRIVE —  Regarded as one of the all-time greatest rock bands from the platinum-selling days of the  90’s, Skid Row continue their legacy with a selection of UK and Irish dates next month. Overdrive spoke with founding member/guitarist Snake Sabo about how new vocalist, ZP Theart (ex-DragonForce) is settling in and the possibility of new material for 2018!

Having racked up millions of album sales, conquered the likes of Wembley Stadium like it was no big thing, battled through line-up changes, tabloid mud-slinging, and the decline of rock music in a digital, dance-oriented millennium, Skid Row simply refuse to go away!

The bands 32-year legacy has been one for the books indeed, however, a new dawn is rising and with the induction of former DragonForce frontman ZP Theart being made official just over a year ago, the co-founding member Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo has never felt more excited and positive about Skid Row.

Taking some time out from fellow bandmate and co-founder Rachel Bolan’s Nashville based studio, Sabo kicks back and gives Overdrive the low down on the new EP and the up and coming UK/Ireland tour that kicks off next month in Dublin’s Academy on March 2nd.



OVERDIRVE – With reference to the question that you get asked the most (which I’m not going to ask), does it piss you off that people just can’t get past the fact that you guys are moving forward and are content with what you’re doing rather than getting Sebastian back. Why is it that you think people are obsessed with this, seeing as it’s been talked about to death?

DAVE SNAKE SABO – I’ve to say thank you! You have no idea how fucking old this is, man. It’s refreshing to have someone from the media that see’s it for what it is. Your opinion is part of a very small percentage of people that work in this business and it’s just so refreshing. When you’ve been a part of something for 32 years, like Rachel and I have when we started Skid Row, you’ve got to be held accountable for everything that has happened.

While I completely agree with what you’re saying, as it’s been talked to death on so many levels, nothing has changed! I guess I understand why people want to go there as it’s an easy byline.

OD – I just don’t agree with it and can’t understand why people can’t just let it go and appreciate the present. If you were gonna get back with Sebastian, it would have happened already, so let’s move the fuck on from talking about it.

DSS – I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s actually exciting to hear you talk like that because you totally get it! Thank you. I don’t disregard our past in any way because it’s what got us here, but let’s just concentrate on the present. It’s like talking about an ex-girlfriend that you dated 20 years ago. Why bother? I’m all about moving forward and concentrating on the stuff that I’m doing or about to do.

Ther’s a certain thing that happened the other day. I used to be a lot more active on social media, and have said some things that, shall we say, were not the best at the time. So, I basically just utilised my time to promote our shows or any new albums or videos coming out for us or any of the other artists that I’m working with.

Every once in a while, I’ll throw something up online that may be from a political point of view or whatever. When someone says something so unbelievably stupid, you’ve just got to call them out on it, but that’s a rare occasion for me. So, that being said, I found myself on Facebook as our tour dates had just been announced and saw a comment that was dissing our current line-up and stating they didn’t want to be any part of it because it’s not what it was 2o years ago. I usually don’t let stuff like this get to me, but this was just really below the belt stuff and it bothered me.

So, now I’m thinking to myself, “I’m sure this guy’s divorced and figure out who he was married to and just lay this guy away!” (laughing) I would have been so easy to just unleash hell on that person, but I decided that there is just no point. It’s all just negative energy and leads to nothing but bullshit at the end of the day.

So, to hear you say this and just focus on the here and now – I greatly appreciate it.

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