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ALL SYSTEMS NO … Vinnie Vincent issues bold statement regarding pulling out of Rock N’ Pod Expo



Vinnie Vincent issues bold statement regarding pulling out of Rock N’ Pod Expo



Facebook — Vinnie Vincent has made a statement about his recent decision to pull out of the Rock N’ Pod Expo 2.

Vincent was accused of backing out of a deal that was alleged to have already been in place for nearly 2 months.

Decibel Geek Podcast host Chris Cynscak talked in depth on the podcast about how things went down and Metal Sludge covered that HERE.

But Vincent wrote in a lengthy statement on his official Facebook page today stating what he claims “REALLY HAPPENED.”

The former Kiss guitarist writes: “I don’t owe anyone an explanation but I am willing to TELL YOU WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: 

Chris Cynscak was a bonafide VINNIE VINCENT hater for years. When he showed himself to me in Atlanta as a fan, I turned the other cheek and agreed to bury my ill-feelings towards him. I went as far as extending by good faith in granting him a personal interview for his local podcast show to discuss an in depth subject matter.

Notwithstanding that favor, I granted him yet another favor after his numerous begging sessions with me to appear at his so-called Nashville show that he wanted to put on, despite the fact this fanboy was a novice and had no idea of how to organize a show.

However, what followed and developed were two very substantial reasons causing me to cancel a no-contract show.”

Vincent goes on for roughly a dozen paragraphs detailing past issues surrounding the related parties.

To see the full statement, see screen capture below.






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