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Axl Rose has begun thinking about original group for a global tour claims knowledgeable insider.




Axl Rose rumors; “He’s begun thinking about putting the original group all back together for a global tour” says a knowledgeable insider


The return of hotel executive Don Marrandino to Las Vegas as the possible future head honcho at the off-Strip Hard Rock Hotel has sparked a series of rock and roll rumors. Don will not confirm reports that he will eventually take over as COO there when current negotiations are concluded.

80s_ITP_May_Block_2014Over the weekend, Oscar-winning actor and Las Vegas resident Nicolas Cage joined comedian Andrew Dice Clay to watch Guns N’ Roses’ closing shows of their “An Evening of Destruction: No Trickery!” mini-residency run at the Joint. I’m reliably told that business at the box office has been phenomenal and even better than frontman Axl Rose anticipated.

“So much so, he’s begun thinking about putting the original group all back together for a global tour. That would be the biggest-selling rock tour of all tours,” one knowledgeable insider told me.

And Don himself told me: “They are definitely thinking of returning for another mini-run at the Hard Rock. We’ve already had conversations about converting one of the restaurant venues into a Guns N’ Roses hangout with its own barbecue and hamburger lineup.”

Don was at restaurateur Elizabeth Blau’s advance birthday party for “Iron Chef” winner Kerry Simon, and Don and Kerry talked burger recipes for Axl to try. Don also confirmed that his pal Sammy Hagar will have a lineup of rockers join the July 2 kickoff of the new Soundwaves sessions they’re planning at Paradise Pool in the Hard Rock. That debut will be a journey through the history of rock.

Meantime, intriguing posters about KISS have begun popping up in town, triggering talk of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley agreeing to a mini-residency at the Hard Rock. Don did say: “Rock will be back full force at the Hard Rock.”

The above content courtesy of Las Vegas Sun

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