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DOUCHE GONE WILD … Sebastian Bach on Skid Row: “How many singers have they had now? Seven?”



Sebastian Bach on Skid Row: “How many singers have they had now? Seven?”


WACO, Texas — Whacko does Jacko in Waco!

The city’s name is fitting and what a night it was in the heart of the Lone Star State for a heavy metal concert that even included some Michael Jackson.

It’s been a while since we’ve posted much about Sebastian Bach but a recent comment made by the singer has opened up the door.

Bach is on tour with his solo band and tearing up stages around the globe last week performed at “The Backyard Bar Stage & Grill“.

Nothing new there, as the guy is a road warrior and has a fan base internationally.

Aside from that global fan worship Bach also has a continued serious case of lead singer’s disease. This after taking yet another cheap shot at his old band.

But the LSD analogy isn’t a great one, as it throws all lead singers into his league. And if we’re being honest, most can’t match the former Skid Row frontman in vocal power or celebrity status in the rock world.


Add to that, most can’t match Bach for being a mega douche either.

He continues to show why he is often mocked, laughed at and considered by some in the industry to be the village idiot.

Of course most don’t dare challenge the 6’5″ viking-like loud mouth, but we’ve been throwing this bitch around like the femmebot he is since our inception.

In short, Bach is more bark than bite, and we’ve all seen the video to prove it.

Moving along…

With that said, Bach blasted his old bandmates in Skid Row yet again from the stage during his November 9th show in Waco.

Bach performed to a crowd of “maybe 500 people” says the reviewer.

Then at some point “went on a rant” about his former band boasting to those in attendance; “How many singers have they had now? Seven?”

The review noted below details a bit more about the rant and how Bach makes fun of the guys for how many (singers) they have “fired” from Skid Row.

Now these comments are not the end of the world, or the biggest deal – right? But for anyone who has followed this 20+ year saga, it’s clear that Dave “Snake” SaboRachel Bolan and Scotti Hill have all continued to take the high road.

metalbabe_block_150_1And Bach has campaigned again and again for a reunion with his former group.

But dumbo just keeps throwing himself onto the flames.

He just can’t stop.

His filter is broken and so much so, it’s almost as bad as his ability to sing in-key is.

Bach continues to take shots, talk shit, act stupid and then usully when there is a backlash he tries to explain himself offering up a half hearted apology.

But it’s only a matter of time and he goes full circle and sticks his mud kicker in his mouth all over again.

As famously described by former manager Doc McGhee: “Sebastian Bach hasn’t changed. He’s still low IQ, high RPM.

Even though he’s done the damage he has over the years, there still have been talks about that much coveted reunion.

According to sources, Bach himself and others — there have been things in the pipeline with the two management teams as recent as late 2016.

Metal Sludge reported on an incident in our Sebastian Bach article titled DIARRHEA MOUTH back on November 27th 2016.

Bach had went on a tirade during a live show telling the crowd; “There’s 5 guys in Skid Row, everyone else is a fu??ing hack”.

A few days later he apologized writing; “I’m sorry” and seemingly accepted the blame for screwing it up (again) as there were rumors of the two sides talking.

In June of this year Bach stated: “We were talking about putting a reunion [of the classic SKID ROW lineup] together, but we couldn’t even handle a group text. [Laughs]. It was, like, after a couple of texts… fucking just… misery.”

WildSide_Block_2013_150X250What makes his latest statement more ridiculous, is that Skid Row has in reality only had 5 singers in their 30+ year history. This including Bach himself and their original frontman Matt Fallon.

To the contrary, Bach himself has employed a dozen guitar players since going solo. And add to that a half dozen bassists.

In the end is it a bad thing that he has had a laundry list of players jamming with him over the years?

The answer is no.

Many bands are guilty of the same, and it’s done so the brand can survive.

So him taking shots at Skid Row in this instance is hypocritical to say the least considering he’s employed numerous lead players himself.

But what should we expect from a grown 49 year old man who once screamed to the crowd; “Call the Cops on this guy!” after a fan took his set list off the stage monitor.

Maybe for his 50th birthday next spring he’ll be all grown up, instead of trouncing the industry like a giant kindergartner.

Or maybe not.

We’ve included the local review from the show with a few video clips included.



Saw the Savage Beast performing in Waco, Texas a couple nights ago. I know Bach takes a lot of crap on here, and for some reason he has blocked us from his Facebook page  – which is weird, as we are huge fans of his and give him tons of props and recognition for what he has accomplished in the Hair Metal genre. Guess we must have posted something he didn’t like.

First off, it was freezing during the show. Cold enough where you could see your breath. Probably between 45 and 50 degrees during the show, which was outdoors.

Audience – maybe 500 people.

Sebastian_Bach_Skid_Row_Brent_Woods_Nov_10_2017_1Bach was in a fantastic mood. Laughing, joking and interacting with the crowd for the entire show. I think this was our fifth Bach show. First was in 1989, also saw him about a decade ago opening for GnR. In all the shows we’ve seen, this was the happiest and friendliest we’ve ever seen him. Dude is having fun and enjoying himself.

His voice sounded great. Sure, he doesn’t go full force for those high notes he hit in 1989. But what 50 year old metal singer sounds as good as he did at 22? But Bach still has a very strong voice, he hits all the notes he goes for, and still does justice to the classic material. I’d give him a solid B-plus. Especially considering it was freezing cold out, it’s got to be hard to sing when you are shivering from the cold. But Bach was awesome – he was better than I expected.

The band is solid.

Brent Woods (inset left) is a good guitar player, he can shred. The bass player/drummer didn’t stand out, but they also didn’t stand out in a bad way – so that’s a positive. I’d give the band a solid B-plus. Funny thing is how small both Woods and the bass player are. Both dudes appear to be about 5-foot-6 and 120 pounds.

Funny moments:

Somebody threw a glove on stage. Bach put it on and then sang a medley of Michael Jackson songs, including thriller.

Bach joked about the large TV screens that were inside the bar which were showing the Monday night footballgame, saying he’s never performed at a show where he could also watch the game at the same time.

He mentioned Blabbermouth, which shows how much he pays attention to these message boards. I almost wore a “FUCK TIM MILLER” t-shirt…but wasn’t sure I’d be in the front row where he could see it.

At one point he mentioned bringing out a special guest……somebody from the crowd yelled “AXL” (GnR was playing in Houston the next night)……alas, it turned out to just be the drummer, who was from Texas.

Bach also went on a rant about Skid Row. “How many singers have they had now? Seven?” and made fun of how many guys they’ve fired. He talked about it for about a minute, wrapping up by saying something like “what the fuck is wrong with you people” and making it clear he thought Skid Row should regroup.


He played all the classics and sounded great on them. Youth Gone WIld, 18 and Life, Monkey Business and I Remember You are great live songs.
Pulled out some post-Skid Row songs as well – Love is a Bitchslap is a solid live song.
Played In a Darkened Room which surprised me, I thought he’d go with Wasted Time.

But for us, the highlight of the show was Breakin’ Down. A great ballad from Subhuman Race.

All in All, it was a great concert.

Bach sounded great. He was in great spirits in spite of the weather, interacted with the crowd all night, the band does the classic songs justice……it was well worth the $25 ticket price.

If you are fans of the genre, and he comes to your town, go check out the show. It was a fun night and we might just drive to Dallas tomorrow night to catch them again.

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