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HONESTLY … Stryper singer Michael Sweet says some websites are “Absolutely disgusting…”



Stryper singer Michael Sweet says some websites are “Absolutely disgusting…”



Twitter — Stryper are in the news again.

First there was the unfortunate medical emergency that sent the band’s guitarist Oz Fox to the hospital.

A follow up statement from the band revealed that Fox had a seizure.

The band detailed some of the immediate and future obstacles related to this and their current tour plans.

It was agreed that they would tour as a 3-piece since Fox would be sidelined for a minimum of 90 days per Doctor’s orders.

Then on top of this bad and sad news, the band’s former bassist Timothy Gaines lashed out at his former group with a hate filled rant.

Gaines has had a tumultuous existence with Stryper.

The longtime member has been in and out of the group 6 times since 1983 and last let go in early 2017.

But Gaines who is never at a loss for words wrote on his official Facebook: “GET THE CASH YOU PIECES OF SHIT”.

Gaines then went on to imply the band would split up and share the guitarist’s portion of tour earnings.

The post also included a snipet of the Stryper statement regarding Fox, and touring as a 3-piece.

Now Michael Sweet has taken to social media with the following: “I’m extremely disappointed in a few sites (whom I won’t give the courtesy of naming) giving attention to inconsiderate, low life gossip rather than rallying around our brother, friend and band mate Oz Fox at a time when he needs it most. Absolutely disgusting…..”


We’re going to go out on a limb and assume Sweet is referring to Metal Sludge.

Hey Michael Sweet, thanks for making us part of your daily reading.

We wish Oz Fox the very best and a speedy recovery.

We also wish the same for Timothy Gaines.




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