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L.A. Guns guitarist arrested at US border upon re-entering states from Canada! Source alleges the charge is possession.



L.A. Guns guitarist arrested at US border upon re-entering states from Canada, source alleges for possession!

LAG_Arrest_June_30_2014_3nsetMichigan —  L.A. Guns guitarist Michael Grant just posted on his official facebook that he was arrested last night trying to re-enter the United States from Canada. The rock guitarist also mentions he spent the night in a Michigan jail cell and will go to trial in 2 weeks.

Usually it’s the other way around, and musicians are kept from entering Canada. This time it appears that L.A. Guns did get into the great white north, but that too was not without issue.

Only 48 hours previous to Grant‘s arrest,  L.A. Guns bassist Scott Griffin’s posted about the band being hassled trying to get into Canada. Looks like he may have spoke to soon with this final score. See below.

However it appears that returning was a little different than just a standard search. This time the authorities found something!

A source has informed Metal Sludge that Grant was allegedly arrested for possession.

See Grant‘s posted message below.


In the end it looks like the new final score is….

United States – 1
Michael Grant – 0

Stay tuned….

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